The Perfect Sunday…

This weekend I had the thought that it was the perfect Sunday.  We took our children to the zoo in the morning and then spent the afternoon ‘pottering’ in the garden.  For a change, Marcus (husband) was also in the garden giving his beloved lawn it’s first trim (this is the only part of the garden he takes an interest in, but he does do it well) and the kids (boys, nearly 2 and 4 yrs) were, as always creating havoc and uprooting the seedlings that were coming through and chasing about.  I had my portable radio on in the greenhouse, a sherry (ok, so this bit is very sad and I wasn’t going to admit it but there you go) and lots of nice seedlings in pots, neatly labelled….I felt contented and a bit smug…probably at about this point Felix jumped on Charlie’s head/took his toy/hit him with a garden cane and it all went belly-up but there was definitely a moment of ‘perfectness’. 

I love my garden.  Along with cooking, ‘being arty’ – see my other blog – The Linen Cat, my family (of course), it’s right up there.  My Mother has always kept a neat garden and my Gran’s was so pretty that people used to stop and photograph it.  I have a vague memory of being allowed to plant in some stone pots as a child and stealing peas from the veg patch to eat straight out of the pod but I didn’t have an interest in gardening myself until we bought our last house.  Now I have a veg patch, flower beds and raised beds for lines of cut flowers for the house and over the past few years I have learnt a lot.  I am still very much an amateur but I thought it would be a good idea to keep a record for the year about the garden and the cooking related to it, as a good reference and a slightly better record than my beaten up garden notebook.  This is mainly for myself, but if it proves interesting for anyone else to read that would be great as well.

Right, better get on with it then as technically starting the log in April isn’t really a year so there is some catching up to do…


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