Early April Lists…

For the purpose of being able to use this blog next year as reference I am going to have to do some quick catch-up lists. Now, I do like a list or two, in fact I find that with an online shop (The Linen Cat), 2 children and now 2 blogs I have very little time so having as much organised as possible helps.  To this end I spend the winter months working out what I am going to plant where.  I buy all my seeds and organise them in my seed boxes according to when they will be planted (I have one for veg and one for flowers).  I also write out quick reference sheets with what gets planted when…my last job was as a Project Manager, can you tell?












Ok, on with the list.:

Early April Sowing:

Pak Choi ‘Joi Choi’ & ‘Mei Quing Choi’ – Greenhouse

Chard ‘White Silver’ – Greenhouse

Kohl Rabi ‘Kolibri F1’ – direct outside

Courgettes ‘Defender’ & ‘Soleil’ – GH

Radish ‘Sparkler’ & ‘Cherry Belle’ – direct




Cucumbers ‘Tasty Burpless’, ‘La Diva’, and ‘Gerkin – Piccolo Di Parigi’

Spring Onions ‘North Holland Blood Red’ – direct

Parsnips ‘Gladiator’ – direct

Peas ‘Sugar Snap’ – direct, then in gutters in GH after mice ate most of them!

Potatoes ‘Charlotte’ – Direct into potato barrels in the GH after chitting for 4 wks


Tomatoes ‘Sungold’, ‘San Marzone’, ‘Brandywine’ & ‘Tigerella’ – under cover

Aubergines ‘Violetta Di Ferenze’ & ‘Slim Jim’ – under cover

Sweet Peppers ‘Topepo Rosso’ – inside in 2 ltr pots

Beetroot ‘Pronto’ & ‘Burpees Golden’– in gutters in GH

Carrots ‘Early Nantes’ – in gutters in GH

Broad Bean ‘Super Aquadulce‘ – 2nd sowing (first was last Autumn) – direct in buckets


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