Spring Flowers…

OK, so I feel the need for a quick re-cap on flowers so far this year.  Over winter/early spring there is very little in the garden.  All year round we have Euphorbia Oblongata, Euphorbia Martinii and Euphorbia Wulfenii…I like Euphorbia, can you tell?  I also have a row of Euphorbia Oblongata in one of the cutting beds as it’s the perfect ‘filler’ to go with tulips etc later in the spring for cut flowers.  The sap is nasty stuff so you must sear the stems in boiling water after picking and wear gloves.

My favourite Spring Flower by far are Coronas.  I have both ‘Mr Fokker’ (bright purple) and ‘Sylphide’ (bright pink) in the cutting patch.  Last September I also planted ‘Hollandia’ in the boarders (bright red) and ‘Cristina’ in a pot (purple and very expensive, hence the pot).  The Coronas flower very early and are a cut and come again flower so the more you pick the more they grow.  I love them.  Down here in the South they survive well in the ground over winter without the need for mulch or protection.












Also flowering in the garden at the moment are Helleborus/Christmas Rose (different varieties but mainly ‘argutifolius’), Muscari/Grape Hycinth (‘armeniacum’ and my fav. ‘latifolium’ which has pale blue at the top). And just coming into flower the many narcissi (I grow, ‘Cheerfulness’, ‘Geranium’ – my fav, also in the cutting patch, ‘Silver Chimes’, ‘Avalanche’ and new to the border the year is ‘Pheasants Eye’).

Have I bored you yet?  Sorry.  I just want to make sure I catch-up on all that has flowered this year for the record, I promise not to go on like this for the rest of the blog.  Also, I had no idea about latin names when I started and found the easiest way to track what to grow was by photos, below are a couple of pages of my gardening note book…

A plan for one of the cutting beds.

A plan for one of the cutting beds.


Spring plants added to the top flower bed in year one.

Spring plants added to the top flower bed in year one.


3 thoughts on “Spring Flowers…

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    • Aren’t they just lovely! I realised mine are getting a bit sparse this year, I moved them a while ago from a grass border (where my husband tends to mow off the leaves) to one of my flower borders and some have died in the process. Time to plant some new ones I think 🙂

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