Easter Bouquet and rhubarb bellini…

Yesterday I cut the first flowers from the garden to give as a gift for my sister.  Although I have been cutting narcissi and corona for the house, this is the first mixed bunch this spring.  The bouquet contains:

Euphorbia/Spurge ‘Martini’ (from the top bed – needs stems searing in boiling water)

Cerinthe Major/Honeywort (from the cutting patch – needs stems searing in boiling water)

Tulip ‘Ballerina’ (lovely bright orange and my favourite)

Tulip ‘Jan Reus’ (first of the dark crimson tulips)

Narcissi ‘Geranium’ (grown all over the garden and cutting patch as it lasts well in a vase)


I also made syrup for bellinis from the rhubarb which is in it’s second year of growing.  I planted ‘Champagne’ and ‘Timberley Early’ and they have gone crazy this year so I feel happy to pick a few stems.  

The syrup was a HFW suggestion from ‘The River Cottage Year’, you simmer (for approx 15 mins) 500g of rhubarb with 4 tbls sugar and the juice of 2 oranges then drain off the syrup, let it cool and pop in a sealed jar in the fridge (it keeps for up to 1 month).  Mix 1:3 with fizzy wine.  It was quite nice actually and went down well, unlike a bottle of elderberry wine I made a couple of years back that I found in the back of the cupboard…that was a bit nasty.



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