Planting in containers…

I plant a lot of what I grow in pots, partly because I have wide pathways between the raised beds and also because I start a lot in the greenhouse then move them outdoors. For instance last year I bought some old apple crates, lined them with bin bags and John Innes no 2 and planted them up with all my cut-and-come-again salad leaves. Part of the idea was that I could move them into the shelter of the house over winter and use these cloches to have year around salad (one cloche fits over three apple crates).  I should note here that the same cloche is the perfect length if you have used half a weather board (so 120cm wide) to create the width of your raised beds, which I have.

Apple crates filled with garlic

Apple crates filled with garlic

The only problem was that the reclaimed crates were riddled with woodworm, which isn’t ideal, so this year I bought new crates from Plant-a-box. They also make great presents as you can stencil a personal message on the side.






















Also pictured above are my other favourite planting containers:

Potato Barrels – They aren’t all that pretty but they are fantastic.  I have 2, both planted up with Charlotte seed potatoes (5 per barrel) and a mixture of JI 2 and multi compost (2:1).  I started them in the greenhouse in March and moved them outside yesterday.  As you start the seed potatoes about 2 inches from the bottom (with 4 inches of soil on top) and then keep adding soil to cover the stems you need to move them outside before they get too heavy.  Once they have flowered you can lift the bottom revealing holes where you can remove a few potatoes at a time, as you need them – perfect!

Pots – In this case my favourite the Yorkshire Long Tom.  Last year I used one of the largest size for squash patty pan.  Pictured are sweet peas, ready to climb up and over the arches around the vegetable patch.

Potato Bags – Here they are full of yet more garlic (planted last Autumn) but I will be growing all my courgettes in these this year.

Massive containers – I have to buy these yet, but I plan to plant all my squash in them, one per massive pot.  I am more concerned about how much soil is needed to fill them than anything else.

Finally, and not photographed are cheap green buckets from the local DIY store with holes drilled into the bottom.  Every year I plant my tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines (1 plant per bucket) and this year broad beans (3 per bucket) in these with JI no 2 or 3 compost.

6 thoughts on “Planting in containers…

  1. I stumbled across your blog while looking for advice on how to plant up my wooden vegetable crates. Anyway, as someone just getting in to gardening, I thought I’d let you know how informative and interesting your blog is so far. Pictures look amazing and I can’t wait to have a cutting patch that produces flowers like yours one day!

    • Hi Olivia, really pleased as I am only just getting going on this blog (I write a more crafty one as well) and I wasn’t convinced it was very interesting to read, but I’ll keep going and it should get better as the garden gets more into the year! All the best, Beth

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