May eating…

















I have just picked the first broad beans from a sowing last September.  I planted 2 beans per bucket (drilled with holes) of ‘Super Aquadulche’ in John Innes 2 compost and after they germinated in the greenhouse put them outside, in a sheltered spot for the winter.  I did a second sowing in April, direct outside in more buckets of compost (this time I am trying 3 beans per bucket – we’ll see how they go) that should be ready for picking early summer.  Next year I hope to find a good scarlet broad bean so I can maybe grow it among the flowers as I think they will look great.  Today’s handful are going into a noodle soup for dinner, along with some pak choi ‘Mei Quing Choi’ that is also ready to eat (in fact yesterday I planted pak choi seeds ready to replace any that I pick in an old gutter laying alongside the raised bed so as to keep an ongoing supply throughout the summer).
















Also ready in the garden are spinach ‘Bordeaux’, mixed salad leaves and the rhubard is still going strong.

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