Moving outside…

I decided last week to move as much as possible out of the greenhouse, partly to provide more light but also to get everything settled outside before June, as we are away a lot and I will be relying on our generous neighbor to water the garden.  I checked the weather and although it looks a bit wet the temperature is forecast to stay warm.  I am a bit naughty for cutting corners, I should harden off most plants by placing them outside during the day or using a cold frame (which I don’t have) for 10 days or so, but instead I use cloches and cross my fingers!  I moved out the tomatoes (san marzone & sungold ), courgettes (defender & soleil) and rather bravely the sweetcorn (sweet nugget).  The sweetcorn has been covered by large individual cloches which I will keep in place until June.  It’s a bit of a pain lifting them each day to water but I would rather that than loose the crop.  The tom’s and courgettes have just been dumped outside in sheltered sunny spots to fend for themselves.

Still in the greenhouse are aubergines (slim jim) and squash (gem/rolet, butternut harrier f1, turks turban, organic sweet dumpling, buttercup & crown prince) which I will move when they are a little bit bigger and the weather more settled, along with tomatoes (brandywine & tigarella), aubergines (violetta di firenze), melons (edonis) and peppers (red topepo rossa) that will be grown entirely under glass.

I drafted this post a week ago and since we have had some pretty awful wind and rain.  I rush out every morning (after kids breakfast etc) to check that the sweetcorn is still alright and so far, so good!  Also, a quick note on germination.  I am having problems germinating the courgette and squash seeds, I now have 4 courgettes (which is plenty, I was aiming for 6 but I think that would provide a glut so 4 is better) but only 1 of the squash has germinated, despite my adding new seeds every week as I get impatient.  It looks like a couple more are on their way, but if not I will sow new seed direct outside next week.


Sweetcorn under cloches

Sweetcorn under cloches


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