Garlic update. And the winner is…

Albigensian Wight and Solent Wight are by far my favourite from the home grown garlics so next year these are what I plan to grow.  Both had nice big bulbs earlier than the rest (even though Solent is a late variety) and both are soft necked so keep well, in fact from the first year I planted garlic we still have 2 bulbs of Solent Wight left and they are a still OK, although with so much nice fresh garlic now ready it’s unlikely we will eat them, I will probably stuff them into the next chicken I cook as I can’t face throwing them out.

For more information on how I grow garlic check out this post. 

Recently, the spare bed wasn’t very inviting for guests to stay (but keept the Vampires away!) as it looked like this:


I had brought some of the garlic indoors from the greenhouse as with all the recent rain I wanted to make sure everything was spread out properly for drying and our spare room has one wall of glass so gets pretty hot.  


Last weekend I took it all down and plaited the soft necked and tied the hard necked into bundles.  I was a bit short of string so they aren’t tied very nicely, but you get the idea, I will buy some raffia at some point and tidy them up.  I plait the same way as I used to try and french plait my hair when I was a teenager – badly!  I see there are lots of on-line instructions for this if you just google it.  I am not opting out here, honestly, but my method is a bit make-it-up-as-you-go-along and there are lots of great tutorials on how to do it properly.  The rest have just been trimmed, very roughly, and will be used first.


So, with last year’s all indoors and stored in a cool out of sunlight spot I deiced to pre-order for sowing this Autumn.  I have ordered:

Albigensian Wight – Softneck

Solent Wight – Softneck

and, just for fun, a set of wild garlic to plant under the trees.  All have been ordered from The Garlic Farm and should be delivered from September onwards.  I see that they have included smaller planting Starter Packs which is great as I struggled to plant up their full size ‘Garlic Lover’s Growing Pack’ and I have a decent sized garden.

Whilst in pre-order mode I have also ordered 

Shallot – Longer

Red Onion – Garnet

from good old Thompson and Morgan for dispatch December onwards.

Finally, whilst in ‘order’ mode I wanted to mention that there are seed and plant sales on everywhere so it’s a great time to go and buy your seeds.


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