August fruit…

I am learning from my mistakes.  A while ago I posted this photo


We had been away and I was excited to come back and see the first melon on my plants. Shortly after, I read that if only one melon develops you should remove it to allow a few to form at one time, otherwise the plant put’s all it’s energy into the one fruit.  Whilst we had been away it was very hot and I forgot to tell my sister (kindly watering my garden) to leave the greenhouse door open, the result was that during this time, the melon along with a number of tomato flowers did not get pollinated which along with the above advice meant we only got one melon per plant, instead of the 4 or so I had hoped for.



Never mind, as the ones we did get tasted amazing.  As I had read, I walked into the greenhouse one day and it smelt of ripe melon, heavenly.  It was the sweetest I have ever tasted and so firmly puts it on next years growing list and I have saved a bucket load of seeds as added bonus.


Another winner are the strawberry plants (Alpine, Mignonette).  I only have 5 plants along the edge of one raised bed but they are providing a small handful every other day, much to Charlie’s delight who loves them and has taken to sitting by the plants picking the ripe ones off.  They have an almost perfume taste and I intend to plant another 5 plants at least for next year, I understand you get about 3 yrs of good produce before they should be replaced.


Finally, the thornless blackberry has produced it’s first fruit.  Only a small bowl full but as it’s the first year I wasn’t expecting much and few we did get were great.

If you want to see a full list of the fruit I grow, please check out this post.


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