Late August eating…

As with the flower beds, the poor veg beds have been a bit neglected.  I have concentrated on watering pots and have rather let the rest dry out resulting in a bit of a scruffy mess.  The courgettes have finally come to an end, I took the photo below just before cutting and composting.


The 2 x courgette ‘Defender‘ (dark green) were really past their best, very dry and covered in powdery mildew (more about this in the next post on squash), the 2 x courgette ‘Soleil‘ (yellow as above)  still had life in it but the leaves were also covered in powdery mildew and I had thrown a few marrows away recently so decided to also compost those.  The 4 plants did us well, they grew very nicely in their potato bags and provided just about the right amount for our family (2 adults, 2 kids).


Also still providing lost of fruit are the tomato plants.  The lovely orange cherry ‘Sungold‘ are about over as are the ‘Tigerella’ and beefeater ‘Brandywine’ but ‘San Marzone’ are at their prime, we are getting huge trusses of fruit, as above.  The 8 plants (2 of each) were about right, next year I think I will add a couple more early fruiting but we have managed lots of puree for the freezer, a good few jars of ketchup and lots of fresh fruit.  Sadly the plants are showing signs of Early Blight but I know from past years they still have time so I have removed some large trusses to ripen in the sun for a few days and have left the rest on the plants to chance.  There is a great description of Blight here for those unsure what it is or how to deal with it.


Finally, in the greenhouse the Aubergine ‘Violetta di Firenze’ are ready and outside Aubergine ‘Slim Jim’, although they are a bit nibbled by earwigs.  Other than that, it’s cucumber, salad crops and herbs that are providing food, oh and the final few sweetcorn.  There is plenty growing ready for over winter and lots more to sow but that’s for a big September update when I will take stock of the whole patch.

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