September Flowers…

OK, so I know it’s technically October, but I photographed this vase a week or so ago.


Not very elegantly displayed I’m afraid, they are rather dumped in a vase but they perfectly sum up what’s going on in the flower garden.  We have:

  • Helianthus Annus/Sunflower – Red Sun
  • Tithonia Rotundiflora – Torch (bright orange)
  • Dahlia – No idea to be honest, they are from a dark collection I bought from Sarah Raven
  • Cosmos – Dazzler (the green leaves only ussed as foliage)
  • Cotinus Coggygria/Smoke Bush (Leaves used as foliage)

It’s typical of the orange and dark reds of my late summer garden.

In the cutting patch we also have Cosmos Purity and Dazzler still very much doing their thing, even now in October.


I am loving the white ‘Purity’ on my kitchen window (sorry about the rather dark photo), where I am pathetically trying to disguise this


not sure how clear this is but the window has a permanent splatter from our building work on the back of the house.

Despite my lack attention to the garden a lot of the regulars have self seeded even with the total lack of rain we have had, here in Kent.  Honeywort has self-seeded as have the Salvias (Varidis, Blue Clary and Pink) and the grass Briza.  In fact the Briza goes rather crazy and self seeds all over the place so I spend a lot of time pulling it out but I do love it with it’s pretty bobbing heads and it makes a great foliage for cut flowers both fresh and dried. There is also evidence of some Spring flowers coming through such as the Cornonas (Mr Fokker and Sylphide), I will give these a mulch to make sure they survive the winter, not that it usually gets very cold here.

Ok, more posts on the way, I am rather focusing on the house at the moment but the garden is still getting some attention.


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