Buttoning down the hatches…and it’s true, never work with children!

As I wrote in my last post, I have started to tidy through the garden.  I intend to do small bits every day in the hope of getting through the work, I find otherwise there are lots of things I would prefer to do, I am a fair weather gardener it seems!  A while back the two Kales that were growing in the greenhouse were munched entirely by caterpillars, but I left their remains in hope that there would maybe be a recovery, I also planted seeds direct in my huge containers (free after lifting the Squash).  The container ones are growing, slowly, but the greenhouse grown ones have made a good recovery so today I planted them out (one Cavalo Nero and Red Bor).


I then decided to cover them in the largest of my cloches, to make sure they settle in OK .


The cloches have been very useful since I bought them two years ago to protect emerging plants from the rabbits.  Sadly I only have 3 left as the boys spent last summer using them as Buzz Lightyear helmets.  I had to wash and disinfect them as even though they had been stored clean, they were a bit green looking.  I also put one of the longer cloches over some of my tender Salvia’s after cutting them back to ground and applying a mulch, they are not supposed to survive the winter, but with a little help I find they do.


As I had the warm soapy water out, I made myself wash half the glass in the greehouse.  There is very little in there this year, but we are having one of our coldest days today and I suddenly realised if I don’t get some of my pots (such as the verbena sissinghurst pink as above) inside they wont last much longer.  The Broad Bean (Super Aquadulche) as planted in early Autumn are growing well, I usually put them outdoors at this point but this year as the greenhouse is so empty I am going to leave them inside.


The only other things in there are my sweet peas and a handful of Hardy Annuals for the cutting patch.


As part of the greenhouse clear out I brought the Amaryllis indoors and gave them a soak so they can ‘hopefully’ start growing.  This will be their third year so I am not entirely sure I will get new flowers, they have been in the greenhouse over summer with regular feeds and in about August I left them to dry out.  I usually then move them into the dark after cutting the dead leaves back, but this year they remained outside, I had also intended to remove them and re-pot in new soil before starting their growing cycle but I also forgot this, oops.  Hopefully with a bit of TLC and some plant food they might do OK.  The three bulbs together are Hippeastrum papillo, which has a number of smaller flowers on shorter stems.  The larger one is a regular white Amaryllis, sadly I can’t remember the name but it always looks suitably fabulous as in this shot from my work space last February.


Lastly, as referenced in the title, Charlie ‘helped’ me in the garden by pretty much sitting in the bucket of water so I had to abandon my work to get  him indoors and dry.  I left him for a moment whilst I turned off the water and closed the greenhouse door only to hear him running outside looking like this.


He had helped himself to the gloves I was using and was running around being a scary monster.  Oh well, it was a good excuse to abandon work and come inside to write this post!




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