Christmas food, the verdict…

Here in Kent we have had some early Christmas celebrations.  First came the snow (you would have to be very blinkered not to have been news overloaded on this subject), last Thursday night we had the most snow in one night I have ever seen here in the South.  On Friday, F’s school was closed, I very optimistically got F dressed in his uniform…I think it’s the Yorkshire lass in me and the fact my parents very rarely let us off school for snow but to be fair they grit and plough at home but here the roads were like ice rinks.  My brother was braving the drive down and leaving the farm in the control of a local 17 year old who had agreed to look after it so he could visit us for some early Christmas celebrations.  As expected my Friday Ocado delivery (bringing all my ‘Christmas’ food) was cancelled so I had to venture out and do a big shop locally.

All went well and we had a fantastic early Christmas lunch, the stuffing was great and my Gran’s recipe Christmas pudding was a triumph.  Sadly I managed to put the bag of rum sauce from the freezer (see last post) in a pan that I accidentally put on the induction hob plate that was on and so ended up with a nice melted plastic mess but it was easy enough to make new.  Oh, to re-heat the pudding I steamed it for 2 hrs and served with rum sauce and brandy butter, again my Gran’s recipe which is:

Brandy Butter

4 oz Unsalted Butter

1 Raw Egg Yolk

12 oz Sifted Icing Sugar

2 Fl Oz Brandy

Rind of 1 Orange

Cream butter, orange rind and half of sugar.  Beat till fluffy, add egg yolk and rest of sugar and brandy and beat again and chill.

As you can imagine, there was no chance of digging up the parsnips I have been growing especially for Christmas, luckily I had bought some as back-up in case of frost.  We also had my Gran’s stuffing balls, which are a must and go beautifully with the bread sauce (I made fresh, saving the freezer lot for Christmas day).

Stuffing Balls

4 oz Fresh white breadcrumbs

2 oz suet (you can use vegetable or beef)

1 x Egg

Fresh or dried thyme

Lemon rind and juice of half a lemon

Basically mix them together with seasoning and roll into small balls.  Cook for about 30 mins.

We had a great lunch followed by some playing in the snow

I feel a little odd, almost like Christmas Day is over even though it’s not here yet.  I have decided not to do a full lunch now, as it’s only me, M and the boys so I’m aiming for cold turkey with mini roast potatoes, something like that as yesterday even with my effort at pre-prep lunch I still spent a large chunk of the morning in the kitchen and would rather play with the boys on the day itself.

I meant to mention we started the festivities with some Kir Royales using the homemade Cassis started back in June which was the best.  I hope to have some spare next year to give away as presents.

Right, I fancy a nice cold chicken sandwich with some stuffing and maybe a touch of bread sauce, yummy!


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