Recipe Books…

I have been hunting for a new blank recipe book for a while, I knew it had to be a ring binder style and have index cards etc for me to transfer my various notes, piled up on the shelf that have no order and fall all over the place whenever I pull a book out.  It’s just one of many things I mean to get around to that never actually happens, but at our pretend Christmas lunch, my brother and sister were both asking after various of Gran’s recipes so I had a little on-line hunt for the perfect book.

I found what I was after at Paperchase online (via Amazon – sadly they look out of stock as I write this), I think it was about £9 and is perfect.  It has index cards and refill paper is available, my only criticism is thet they don’t sell a three punch, hole punch so I had to faff about doing the holes individually.

I also bought one each for my brother and sister and copied out Gran’s key recipes onto card, complete with some of the photos from this Christmas on the Festive recipes.  I had hoped to give these as part of their Christmas presents but the books and card were held up in the post with the bad weather and have only recently arrived.

I have also been doing a spot of Sale shopping, in the above case at Jme (Jamie Oliver online shop).  I was so annoyed at the quite frankly crap contents of our crackers this year I couldn’t resist buying these ones designed for ‘cooks and gardeners’ and a set for kids.  They contain treats that are actually of use and were half price, along with the cards which contain seeds to grow your own tree.   I know, I know, it’s pretty sad to buy things now for next year, but they have been stored away in the box with all our decorations and stuffed in the hatch along with some nice Sale cards from Paperchase.

My final photo is off my attempt to make a quick bird feeder from the cupboard contents.  We had a lot of seeds, nuts and dried fruit going well out of date so I mixed them with melted fat then put them back into containers with hangers for the tree (with twigs stuck in there to perch on).  I was a bit disappointed to find not all the birds in our area, flocking to my fancy treat but then noticed all my neighbours are also feeding the birds in style (better style than me to be honest).  In fact, I couldn’t help notice that the birds are looking rather ball shaped, I assumed it was all the good food they’re getting until I heard on ‘Snowwatch‘ that birds ‘fuff’ up at this time of year to keep warm.  Good to know, I was worried I had added to a potential obese bird problem.

As I write our local woodpecker is eating my home made fat balls, so all is not wasted, Oh and the fox is wandering around beyond the fence, he is here most days having a little potter.  I have tried to take photos  but my windows are so shamefully dirty it just doesn’t work.  On which note, I’m off to inspect the damage in the garden now most of the snow has melted and to see if any of the broccoli/chard/lettuce has survived the big freeze.


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