April Round-up of the Vegetables…

Sorry, sorry, I know I’ve been a bit absent again and in one of the busiest months, I was unfortunately ill over Easter but since getting better I have been out in the garden most days so figured it was time for a catch-up.  I’ll split this into sections I think as it’ll make life easier.

Failed Germination/Seedlings

As it says in the title, these are the things that haven’t done as they should, largely through my laziness but it’s still annoying.

From last year…

Broad Bean ‘Super Aquadulce’ – They were looking rather splendid last Autumn (as above) and I moved them outside for the Winter to a nice sheltered spot but the continual low temperatures and snow rather killed them off so no early Broad Beans this year.  I may plant more, I haven’t decided yet.

From February Lists…

Cucumbers – All of them.  They had become very ‘leggy’ searching for light in the kitchen, I think I was a bit keen having started them too early and they have withered and pretty much died.  I started new seed yesterday, again in the dark and constant heat but this time as it’s warmer outside as soon as they germinate they will go into the greenhouse for better light.

Tomatoes – Again they are totally limp with long ‘leggy’ stems and are falling all over the place.  I have nipped of the seed leaves and planted them up in deeper pots with the stems planted nearly to the first ‘true’ leaves in the hope they will recover and grow roots along the stems, they are in the greenhouse so we’ll see.  The ‘100’s & 1000’s x 3‘  didn’t germinate at all.

Aubergines – For some reason they never germinated.  I have put in more seed and will give them more attention this time.  For constant heat they are again in the kitchen.

From March Lists…

Climbing French Bean – ‘Barlotto Lingua di Fuoco’ x 10

Climbing French Bean – ‘Blue Lake Climbing‘ x 5

Only a few of each germinated so I’ve planted new beans as on prodding I can see the original ones have rotted.

From the Squash

‘Sweet Dumpling’ & ‘Crown Prince’ haven’t germinated, both were the saved seed from last year so maybe that’s why.  I also didn’t realise that saved seed could have cross breed, I have thrown in extra seed as it’s there, may as well give them a second chance.

Doing well and moved into the Greenhouse from house


Sweet Pepper

Mini Red Skin x 3

Topep Rosso x 3


Hot Stuff x 2 (well that’s what is says on the packet!)


Turk’s Turban

Butternut Harrier F1



Mariana di Chioggia

Dill’s Atlantic Giant

Courgette – ‘Soleil’ x 1

Courgette – ‘Defender’ x 3 (there should be 2 of each but only 1 ‘Soliel’ germinated)

Doing well and moved into the garden from the greenhouse

Pak Choi – ‘Mei Qing Choi’ x 5

Pak Choi – ‘Joi Choi’ x 5

They are under a loose cloche but only to stop the bloomin’ birds pecking them out – more on that later grrrr…

Pea – ‘Sugar Snap’

I’ve just done a re-read of this years blog and I’m not sure I ever mentioned these but I planted a batch in a gutter in the greenhouse back in Feb (25th) they are in a long grid of three rows, 5cm apart, with another 5cm between peas.  Most  have germinated and I’ve planted out the gutter with a criss cross of bamboo canes above for support.

Finally I planted up the potatoes which have been ‘chitting’ in the house since February, 5 per potato barrel in the greenhouse, (‘Charlotte‘ seed potatoes, my favourite) using a mixture of JI 2 and multi compost (2:1).  You start the seed potatoes about 2 inches from the bottom (with 4 inches of soil on top) and then keep adding soil to cover the stems as they grow, you need to move them outside before they get too heavy.  I have 2 seed potatoes left over (I gave the rest away) which I am going to plant in buckets with holes drilled for turning out in one go when ready.  The ones in my potato barrels (see last link) can be taken a few at a time from the side holes when ready but it does let the slugs in!

So after a few days of gardening there are even more lists to come and some nice (I hope) photos of the Spring plants but for now it’s time for a Pimms and a tidy up 🙂

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