Planting out Squash and Pumpkin…

Yes, it’s a little daring planting out the squash and pumpkin quite this early but I have been watching the forecast and it looks like we are due some warm nights and if we do get a last minute frost, I will cover them in cloches and hope for the best!  I know a few friends that have lost potatoes and beans to the recent cold snaps, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the weather.

I only have 6 well germinated plants, I say well germinated but I’m sure you’ve spotted the tiny pathetic ‘Butternut’ in the middle bottom, I have shoved an extra seed in the pot direct in the hope of germination in case it doesn’t make it!  So the list is:

  • Turk’s Turban
  • Butternut Harrier F1
  • Buttercup
  • Gem/Rolet
  • Mariana di Chioggia
  • Dill’s Atlantic Giant

Sadly the Sweet Dumpling and Crown Prince didn’t germinate.  I’m not sure if it was because I used my own seed or not?  Either way it’s probably a good thing as I only have 6 giant pots, the rest are a little small for planting Squash.

OK, so I removed the top layer of soil from last year and replaced with manure and then a bag per pot of John Innes 3 to give them a good start.  I hope that using the same pots as last year wont make me prone to early powdery mildew, I figure our slightly harsher Winter has killed of a lot of the garden diseases but I guess we”ll see.  The seedlings are now in and have been well watered, they are having a little sunbath but I will cover them in cloches later so it isn’t too much of a shock being outdoors for the night.  I am also unsure if the evil pigeons will try and eat them so might have to cover with netting, I discovered lots of feathers in the garden yesterday so one must have been munched, I have to admit I couldn’t resist a little ‘happy dance’ 😉


2 thoughts on “Planting out Squash and Pumpkin…

  1. Good luck with the squashes. We have had no luck growing squashes, the plants grow, produce fruit, but they then fail to get any bigger than golf balls. I’m not sure whether it’s lack of manure when I plant the plants. I can’t decide whether to give it another go this year, maybe I’m already too late?

    • Hi Jenny, I planted most of my seeds direct last year in April so I think there’s still time. I think I got lucky last year (my first growing squash) but the ones that did well only had 1-2 ‘fruit’ per plant (for the larger squash, I left the smaller gem and sweet dumpling to grow as many as fruited) I removed any extra to restrict to 2 max and fed and watered them a lot. The ones that failed had not enough water or the butternut, which I didn’t remove enough fruit, should have stuck to 5 max I think and I had about 10! They are such good fun, especially the ugly looking ones!

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