April Eating…

Despite the pigeons best efforts to destroy my Purple Sprouting Broccoli, we have still managed a pretty decent crop.  The birds took out all the leaves early this year, so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to do anything about it, but as soon as I noticed I covered the remaining stalks (with the odd half leaf still attached) with netting and it did the trick as the plants revived and have been producing quite a decent crop.

Harvesting them is pretty obvious, you cut off the main stem first and then the side shoots should keep growing to provide lots more florets.  They taste a lot nicer than shop bought but do need a good wash before eating (unless you like added protein!).

Back in March the rhubarb looked as above, but now it’s turned into a triffid!

It’s only year three for the rhubarb crowns, in the first year I didn’t pick any stems, as that’s what the ‘rules’ say and in year two I picked only a few but as you can see it’s totally paid off because I can now harvest to my hearts content.  I had hoped to make something yummy, maybe some jam or chutney and so add some fancy photos and recipes to this post but time has flown so I shall get this published and add another cooking post at a later date….oh, I did make rhubarb bellinis last year which were rather nice and worth making again.


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