Tomatoes & Late Frosts…

Well, as predicted we suffered from some late frosts over the past few weeks, I had been keeping an eye on the overnight temperatures so managed to protect most of the tender vegetables with cloches (namely the squash, beans, potatoes and some tomatoes I had planted out), sadly I ran out of cloches for the courgettes and they have died a rather dismal death!  I have replaced 2 of the 4 with my ‘mystery’ seedlings from the germinated squash/courgette/cucumber seeds that had been returned to the compost pot and the other 2 I have left to see of any life returns (although I still have some ‘unknowns’ to pop in later if they don’t recover).

Also, I’ve struggled to germinate all my sweet corn, you need to plant in blocks of a minimum of 9, ideally 12 to get wind pollination so I have ordered and planted new seed of the same variety in the hope they can catch up with the 5 that have germinated.  Annoyingly it took 10 days for these seeds to arrive so there is definitely going to be a gap, I fear this may effect how many kernels I get but as always, time will tell.

The big success has been the tomatoes, they recovered amazingly well from their earlier floppy selves after being planted in larger pots very deeply and removing the seed leaves.  I have potted most up into their final ‘buckets’ with some JI No 2, the Brandywine and Tigerella are for growing in the greenhouse and the San Marzone, 100’s & 1000’s and Sungold are for outside.  For the first time I am growing some in the raised beds, there are a few gaps in my cut flower beds that I have decided to fill with vegetables as I’d rather that then they go empty.

They need staking and their side shoots have to be pinched out as they grow (the jaunty stem growing at an angle between the main stalk and the side stems), once they flower I will feed them once a week and keep tying them in to stop them falling over.  I will also pinch out the growing tips once there are about 6 trusses of flower.  More here on all that.

I think a quick photo update of the beds is best as I’ve lost track of what is and isn’t planted, for now I’m off the make the most of the beautiful sunshine while it lasts 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tomatoes & Late Frosts…

    • Seems like the best idea, we were due a very cold night tonight here but as the week’s progressed that’s changed. Thanks for the link, it’s brilliant, lots of new recipes to try out and will definitely do the rhubarb and ginger cake. Bx

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