May Flowers…

The borders have already changed colour and are all about green and purple now.  The lovely (and pretty much my favourite flower…bet I write that more than once this year) Allium ‘Purple Sensation‘ are the main attractions and later in the year will still be giving a show with their seed heads that I’ll eventually spray silver for the Christmas tree.

I just checked last years post from this month and it’s pretty much the same, even the photo above is exactly like last years, so I’ll direct you there for a full list of what’s flowering now.

I have also finally made a start to putting the actual edging on the beds instead of the odd bits of wood that are serving the purpose at the moment.  I got permission (from M) to use the remaining Victorian roof tiles removed for our extension, we will keep a few back for replacing any that get broken but the rest are mine, all mine!

I ordered a few SALE plants to try and add colour later in the year, this included some Dahlias as I figured last years wouldn’t have survived in the ground with the frosts (I am way too lazy to lift plants, I don’t bother to with the tulips either).  When I came to dig the new tubers in (I’m sorry I can’t remember what type they were) I found last years plump and ready so I hope to have a bumper crop this year.  I also bought some CosmosChocolate‘ which I’ve popped in along with some Cleome Spinosa ‘Violet Queen’ that I’d grown from seed so hopefully I wont have the flowerless mess I had in the latter part of last year.

Oh, the orange wood in the corner of the border photo is our new shed, more about that later 🙂


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