May Greenhouse…

I’ve spent the last few weeks getting everything into it’s final place and I’m pretty much there, I managed to find enough pots and  clear out most of the greenhouse to make room for the final plants.

I have tomatoesBrandywine x 2 and ‘Tigerella x 2, all the others have been moved outside, it’s amazing to see how differently they are growing, the ones outside are weeny in comparison but should still crop nicely given time.  There are cucumbersla diva’ x 3 and ‘burpless tasty’ x 3 which will be moved outside later but I really want them to get going first, in front are melonEdonis x 3 which will stay inside for the whole growing season.

On the side I have auberginesTurkish Orange’ x 3 and ‘Violetta Ferenze‘ x 3 and a selection of peppers and chillies.  Can’t wait for them to grow now and the eating to begin, I am quite excited to see some real progress plus there are some bits and bobs ready to eat in the garden apart from rhubarb, hurrah!


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