You’ve been Tangoed…

Oh joy of joys, we finally have a shed!

It has been much anticipated, the poor ‘outbuilding’ that came with the house has been stuffed high with DIY boxes and mowers since we moved here and each time I need to remove something the tower of boxes and paint threatens to topple over.

It’s a grand 10 x 8 ft and we put it up ourselves.  After getting some advice from the delivery guy we opted to use fence posts laid on the ground to create a flat surface and to hold the shed out of the moisture.  We (I keep saying ‘we’ to give full credit M did all the foundation work along with a little ‘help’ from the boys) bedded them in place with some type 1 where needed over a weed proof membrane and then after some huffing and puffing and lots of, “I’m going to drop it, seriously I can’t hold it any longer, PUT IT DOWN!!!” from me we managed to assemble it.

Now, I should mention, it will eventually be stained lavender, the lovely fake tan it comes in is the base preserver, in fact M has been taking about adding fancy front pieces and a shingle roof so given time it should look rather good at the back of my veg patch, it’s brilliant, I’m very pleased and we have already managed to cram it full of ‘stuff’ as you do 😉


2 thoughts on “You’ve been Tangoed…

  1. Your whole garden makes me so envious! Mine is situated in a somewhat similar corner of a yard, but yours looks so good compared to what I have so far! The shed and gazebo really add a lot, as well as the nice pathways.

    • Thank you, but you are way too polite 😉 The prettiness is partly at the expense of growing, I read your blog (it’s on my Google list) with envy at how much you produce and how well the whole family get involved. We do have a similar plot, I think, but yours is all veg and much bigger, you do a great job of planning I certainly have lessons to learn there!

      Thanks for dropping by. Beth

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