May Eating…

Quite a few crops were ready in the garden this last month.

The Pak Choi ‘Joi Choi’ sown back in March has a few nibble holes but is still great.

Sadly the Pak ChoiMei Qing Choi’ went to seed very quickly.  One minute it was about ready, then the flowers appeared before I had chance to pick and eat it.  I have checked the second sewing and it appears that the same thing is happening there, the ‘Joi Choi’ is fine but the ‘Mei Qing Choi’ is flowering.  I’m not sure why as I’ve kept it well watered but maybe the very dry hot weather we had in May was a bit much.  I recently put a third sowing in the greenhouse ready to replace those eaten this month.

I have also rather lazily let the Rhubarb go to seed.  I should have cut the flower heads off as they formed (I did the first few) to keep the plants producing nice new stems but we got a bit rhubarbed out, I am finding the flowers quite pretty though so I’m happy to let them be to admire when passing.

The Chard which has been in place since last year is also ready.  It was still a small plant this Spring but after a good feed it’s sprouted into life and is adding to the abundant greens we get to eat at the moment.

Finally, the Broad Bean Super Aquadulce’ hasn’t completely failed after I moved it outside in Winter just in time for the snow.  As I blogged earlier, it nearly all died but a few shoots lived on to produce a handful of beans, and they do taste good!

We should really be eating lettuce and spinach but sadly these crops either didn’t grow well, or have gone to seed before really taking off.  Again, despite my watering they were just too dry and a bit stressed with our super hot May, I have planted some more salad seeds indoors to pop out when they have sprouted, I find it very difficult to germinate the seed  in the beds.  I will make sure it’s in a North facing area and kept moist but it may already be too far into warm weather for any results.


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