June Flowers…

The top border is at it’s most splendid in June, I have tried to improve it’s chances later in the year with some extra planting but for now I am simply enjoying the Delphiniums, Geraniums and Alchemilla Mollis.

The cutting garden is a bit behind after all my Hardy Annuals died over Winter, so everything had to be started new this Spring.  The only survivors were the Sweet Peas planted and kept in the greenhouse and I am currently picking posies of ‘Midnight‘ and ‘Matucana‘ for the house, they are also climbing over the arches so smell wonderful each time I pass.

I can see from last year’s post that there was a lot more available for cutting for the house but I have cheered myself up with a bloom from the Tree Peony in the lower border, I daren’t pick more but it’s still enough to make me smile.


One thought on “June Flowers…

  1. Hi, friend recommended your blog;I was amazed to see your June Flowers post as it looked a bit like my garden and I live in a Rock Cottage………

    I have a wordress blog, link below; mine is about the history of the house and area rather than the garden but I would love to email you a few pics of the garden if you are interested and I’d like to see one of your house. We could be twins. (kind of how councils twin towns!).


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