June Eating…

Despite quite a lot of my planting being late this year we have a few crops ready now.  Today, I pulled my first carrots grown in the large ‘pots’ ( they are ‘Early Nantes’ I think, although I can’t find a reference as to when I planted them)

it would appear my decision to avoid carrot root fly by planting in high pots has worked as there is no sign, in theory the flies can only hover to about 2 ft so above this level should be safe, last year I planted under enviromesh which also worked a treat.

Sadly the pototoes and some of the tomatoes are showing signs of Early Blight, I get this every year and it always starts in the potatoes but it seems even earlier this time and I’m worried about the tomatoes having time to crop, they are only just starting to set fruit.  I turned out 2 buckets I had planted with a single seed potato each, as they were the worst affected and out came this lot!  I’m quite pleased as they hadn’t even flowered yet, I still have the two large planters to go at when we’ve eaten this batch.

I’ve also pulled up the first of the garlic, mainly to make room for future vegetables.  They are a good size (these are the ‘Albigensian’ planted last Autumn) and are drying on the bench before I move them in loose bunches to dry in the greenhouse.

The salad leaves I was yet to plant out have grown to a good size in their seedling trays in the greenhouse so I’m going to eat them directly from here

as has the Pak Choi ‘Mei Qing Choi’, which after all the earlier ones flowered before I managed to crop them, it makes me re-think my process on these, I may in future just sow and crop early in the greenhouse and abandon planting outside.

Finally we are eating Sugar Snap Peas by the handful and I’ve got the replacement batch in a large pot ready to take over, and Mr C is happily munching his way through the Alpine Strawberries (Mignonette) every time we pop into the garden, his favourite treat and the main reason I grow them 🙂


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