Fruit 2010…

This is last years post about the fruit I grow in the garden and not a lot has changed, the list is still the same:

Blackcurrant – Delbard Robusta

Redcurrant – Red Lake

Red Gooseberry – Hinnomaki

Cherry – Lapins, Colt

Strawberry (Alpine) – Mignonette

Rhubarb – Champagne & Timberly Early (actually a vegetable I think)

Blackberry – Thornless

Fig – Brown Turkey

Blueberry – not sure what kind, I grew it in a pot at our last house

In addition, this year so far I have added:

Blackberry Karaka Black (but I think the rabbits have eaten it!)

Crab Apple Red Sentinel

Medlar Nottingham

I am also growing Melon Edonis in the greenhouse.

I put up fruit netting earlier in the year, pretty much as soon as the fruit was forming, the birds are quick in this garden (and I am regularly a bit slow :)) and cropped my first fruit this week, the blackcurrants, which I have made into Cassis using last years recipe.  I got double the fruit, so I hope to have enough Cassis to give some away as presents this time.

To make a point of using the last rhubarb (before I leave it to rest) I made strawberry and rhubarb jam, again using the same method as last year’s strawberry jam (which I will make a batch of next week this being Kent where they are practically giving them away) the base ingredients were:

500g rhubarb (wiped and cut into 1.5cm chunks)

500g strawberries (not washed and cut into half or quarter depending on size)

900g  jam sugar with added pectin

juice of 1 orange

juice of 1 lemon

The orange juice was added at the first stage when I left the fruit for a few hours with the sugar to draw out the juices and the lemon juice was added just before the rolling boil, please read the above link for the full method.

I always really enjoy making jam, it’s so quick and easy and the boys love it.  I tried some of the rhubarb and strawberry this morning, to be honest it doesn’t taste all that different to straight strawberry but it has a more delicate pink colour which I really like (and does taste very yummy), can’t wait for all the other fruit to be ready, the eating is the best bit 🙂


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