Quick, hide the credit cards…

In preparation for the jam/chutney season I popped into the Kitchen shop in our local village to buy a jam funnel (never had one before but it was money well spent seeing how easy it was to fill my jam jars yesterday) and came home with just a few extra things.

It’s small village but with a very busy and well equipped high street (and one reason it’s commuter heaven for those working in London, like M) and recently the most amazing kitchen shop opened, they sell everything and I really mean everything you could possibly need.  I have been slightly in love with the joseph joseph stacking Nest 8 set for a long time and they had it…and it was cheap (ex display)…needless to say it came home with me along with a few other things but I’m too guilty to list them.

In an attempt to ease my guilt I used them as soon as I got home to make fishcakes for the boys for tea, just to prove they were a needed addition to my kitchen wares.  I had the large batch of new potatoes dug up from the garden and some smoked trout and salmon in the fridge that needed eating so I  adapted a recipe from the Duchy Originals cookbook, you can get the original recipe here on the Duchy website, but I used:

125g hot smoked trout fillets

150g smoked salmon

700g boiled new potatoes

large handful parsley, chopped

5 spring onions, chopped

1 raw egg, beaten

big blob of butter (I usually add to the hot potatoes as I crush them)

salt & pepper

You basically add everything except the potatoes to a large bowl, chopped or flaked (in the case of the trout), I then lightly ‘crush’ the potatoes so they are broken but not completely mashed up and I add to the other ingredients and give a good mix.  Form into patties, fry in oil to colour them, then move to the oven to cook through.

I know this is a bit vague but I make them different every time, depending on what fish I have in and if it’s for the boys or us.  I usually have to leave out the parsley if cooking for F as he distrusts obvious bits of ‘leaf’ in his food but I refused to this time and after a few tastes he decided he wouldn’t be poisoned and ate the lot.  Also, in the original you roll in breadcrumbs but I never bother as I rarely have any in.

OK, time to get everyone dressed and out into the garden before it gets too hot, hope you are enjoying some sun where you are 🙂


2 thoughts on “Quick, hide the credit cards…

  1. Those bowls look great. I agree a very needed addition to ones kitchen!
    Love the sound of the fish cakes just right for this crazy hot summer we are having!
    Jenny x

    • Hi Jenny, I am a sucker for kitchen equipment, which is a bad thing as our lovely (and I wouldn’t change it) 2 walls of glass in the kitchen are at the expense of storage space. I have now started to take over the understairs cupboard with my kitchen overflow 🙂

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