Salad Days…

There is still no sign of rain, we were due some ‘light showers’ today but no luck so far and I think it’s not going to happen now.  The watering is feeling quite labour intensive, I only do the vegetable patch and if it’s looking desperate the border but it’s still quite time consuming, however it was all worth it this weekend when we had our first major crops from the garden.

I planted a mix of salad leaves (including Mizuna, Mibuna and Mustard for a bit of zing) some time ago, both in the apple crates that line one side of the greenhouse and in-between the sweet corn and they are all doing well.

We have eaten plenty this weekend, spun in my fancy new ‘Chef’n’ salad spinner bought from Amazon (I am usually seen swinging leaves around wrapped in a tea towel at arms length, they do tend to get a bit bashed though!) and prettied up with some of the ViolaHeartsease‘ that I grow in pots.

I also ‘dug up’ one of the potato planters late last week, it had withered badly with early blight so I removed the foliage and removed any remaining tubers.  We had already lifted the sides and pulled a few out, they boys were very excited to dig about and see what they could find.  They taste so good we eat them simply with some seasoning and a little butter.

The cumbers are coming thick and fast so we tried a really nice Dill and Cucumber Salad from the Sarah Raven Garden Cookbook.  It’s a simple salad with peeled, thinly sliced cucumbers layered with seasoning and dill (which I also grow for the flowers mainly in my cutting beds) and a dressing made from 100ml rice vinager and 100g sugar (boiled together then cooled).  You let the cucumber and dill steep in the dressing for an hour before eating and it’s very, very good!

Right, I’m treating myself to a girly dose of Pride and Prejudice (filmed at Groombridge Place were we often take the boys) whilst M watches the football, I may even go for it and eat a Bendicks Bittermint 🙂


3 thoughts on “Salad Days…

  1. Another lovely recipe to try when our cucumbers arrive. We have lots of tiny fruits now, so hopefully it shouldn’t be long. Your salad leaves look lovely – a salad spinner is a must with so many lettuces to wash! Ours is in constant use at the moment. Hope that your grass is lush after the rain. 🙂

    • I agree, having finally bought a salad spinner I wonder how I ever coped without! Still no bloomin’ rain, just the odd little splash but not enough to actually water the garden, still, the boys are enjoying the sun 🙂

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