Field Mushrooms…

We have just spent a hurried weekend in Yorkshire, visiting family for a wedding and I was attempting to photograph the view from my mother’s garden

(with my iPhone, hence the terrible photo) when I noticed all the little white specs in the front field

I took the boys for a super quick ‘mushrooming’ session before jumping in the car and heading home.  I have been picking field mushrooms since I was a child, I am perfectly aware of exactly what a safe, edible, field mushroom looks like but after doing the Mushroom course at River Cottage (which I highly recommend) some time ago I have become a little paranoid and found myself inspecting each ‘shroom’ before the boys but it into the basket – how daft!

On our return, I turned the hoard into mushroom pasta from Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook, I have to admit I wont cook this recipe again with hand-picked field mushrooms as you basically cook them in white wine for 10 mins (along with a softened onion and garlic before adding creme fraiche and parsley, lemon zest and juice) and I am a firm believer that mushrooms are best fried in a hot pan, in small batches (so they don’t steam) with seasoning, parsley and maybe some grated garlic.  Still, I was restricted to the contents of our cupboard and it seemed a good idea at the time.

I am now even more excited about out planned holiday in the Dales, as there will be plenty of mushrooms and general hedgerow edibles to collect, I promise to leave the preserving pan behind though 🙂


3 thoughts on “Field Mushrooms…

  1. Hi Beth, Those mushrooms look beautiful – well spotted. We’d both love to do a foraging course somewhere – and hunt out some mushrooms near us… Our eyes are peeled! Sara x

  2. I just gathered a basket of field mushrooms and am delighted. Like you I’ve gathered them since I was small but had gotten away from them recently until this season. I also agree they are much too good to hide their flavor in a complicated dish. I came across your site while searching for field mushroom blogs. Nice site.

    • Thanks for commenting, I’m afraid my poor blog has been a bit neglected as I also write a craft blog which tends to take priority at the moment. I see you have some wonderful recipes over at Poppyseeds and Tiger Lilies, I look forward to a proper read once my boys are asleep as I can already see at a glance plenty of things I’d like to make 🙂

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