Tomato Puree…

The tomatoes are coming thick and fast.  I am very happy with the selection I chose:



San Marzone

100′s & 1000′s

Tigerella (as above)

I believe I’ve mentioned this before but the only thing I don’t eat are raw tomatoes (actually mushy peas as well, can’t stand the texture, hold scary childhood memories for me but that’s another story).  I am happy with them cooked, even simply roasted whole (in the case of cherry toms) but raw they make me cringe, it’s something about the acidity I and is more common than you’d think, I meet lots of people with same ‘issue’.  So, as per last year, the majority of our tomatoes end up as a thick puree in the freezer for use on pizzas and as a base for pasta sauce.  I simple roast them, cut in half and drizzled with olive oil and a little seasoning, then when they are really soft I push them through a sieve to remove the seeds and skin.  I then often boil the puree down to thicken it before freezing in small containers.

Sounds like a faff I know but homemade pizza goes down very well in this house and the simplicity of a ready, delicious homemade sauce to spread on top makes it all the nicer.

I do also feed tomatoes raw to anyone who will eat them, my Mother and Aunt have taste tested the beefeater ‘Brandywine‘ variety many times sliced and served with a little dressing and seasoning, they taste like, “tomatoes do on holiday” apparently…I believe them, don’t need to try them myself 😉


4 thoughts on “Tomato Puree…

  1. Your tomatoes look lovely – I’m glad that I’ve just had my lunch otherwise those pictures would make me very hungry! I love tomatoes either raw or cooked, but even so we have tomatoes ripening faster than we can keep up with; fingers crossed we may have a working hob and oven this weekend at last and then I shall follow your lead and make some tomato sauces to freeze for the winter. I like the sound of your puree…

    • I do have my fingers crossed for you, I remember all too well cooking in a temporary ‘kitchen’, in our last house I had them leave the old sink unit in the garden, just to I could stand at something and wash the pots (in kettle boiled water) and we ended up buying a mini oven whilst this kitchen was built. It will be worth it 🙂

      • Oh yes, we had weeks with an old sink rigged up inside after we’d torn down the original kitchen. The sink was balanced on bits of old worktop, using a screwdriver to turn a valve about seven foot above the floor in order to turn water on and off down a length of old pipe 🙂 Thankfully we’ve had our first real sink installed this week, and as of this evening we finally have our electrics completed and an oven and hob for the first time in about 20 months! I’ve missed a real kitchen so much, there’ll be no stopping us now!!! 😀 Thanks for the encouragement! We can finally retire the camping stove for camping…

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