Not so slow sloes…

I’ve been braving the nettles that border our land to check frequently on the sloes.  We are lucky to have a bank of bushes all along one side (which we share with our 3 neighbours); in fact we are generally lucky, in that we live surrounded by overgrown abandoned orchard trees that provide large amounts of apples, cherries, crab apples, sloes, elderberries and brambles.

The sloes are still a little hard, but the trees are quite diseased and they always ripen early down here, if you aren’t quick off the mark they are all eaten or shriveled so I decided to just go for it and make the gin.  I use a 2 Litre jar and to that I add:

600g sloes (washed & pricked all over with a cocktail stick)

500g sugar

900ml gin

That’s it.  I leave it on the darker window sill for a few weeks, turn every so often and when I remember drain and sieve into clean bottles, then drink.

Super easy.


One thought on “Not so slow sloes…

  1. Fantastic! We picked several kilos of sloes from the hedgerows near us last September/October and made about 4 litres of sloe gin(!), which we’ve barely dented since! I’ve only just bought a sieve and funnel so that we can decant the liqueur and remove the fruit now ( apparently leaving it for up to a year is fine!). The occasional sample has tasted wonderful, but we forgot to write down the ratio of fruit/gin/sugar that we used, alas, so this year we’ll be starting from scratch – I shall note down your recommended ratio to try! And we’d better start enjoying and giving away last year’s “brew” now that things are starting to settle down… an excuse to find some pretty bottles…

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