Peppers and Aubergines…

I can’t believe I totally missed both peppers and aubergines off the list in my last post whilst mentioning things that are still cropping (I also can’t believe it’s taken me so long to actually finish writing this, sorry).  We came back to a mass of both

I see from my notebook that I planted:

Topepo Rossa

Sweet Mini


Back in February and they have done very well and have most definitely earned a place on next years list.  They were started in the house, then planted up in pots in the greenhouse.  I pinched out the tips so as to get more peppers per plant and they have still turned out a good size (I read in one article that you shouldn’t pinch out the tips or you get very small peppers, other growers suggest you do).

The aubergines:

Turkish Orange

Violetta Firenze

have also done well, and were again started back in February and mostly grown in the greenhouse, although I potted them up outdoors for their final growing stint and they have still ripened well.

With so many ripe peppers, I added them to my last batch of tomato puree.  I simply roasted them on a high heat (after removing any seeds and white bitter parts) and then popped them in a bowl with cling film over for a few minutes, after which I removed the skins and sliced them to add to my puree directly before freezing.  The rest are being eaten in salads and by the boys who love to much on raw red pepper.

As for the poor garden, I have been so busy sewing that it’s been a bit neglected, but I am planning my next phase of planting and ordering a few bits and pieces (more on that in the next post) so hopefully I’ll be getting my hands mucky over the next few weeks 🙂


2 thoughts on “Peppers and Aubergines…

  1. Hi Beth, Wow your peppers look lovely. I’ve been quite disappointed with ours this year. Foolishly I bought a pack of mixed seeds, and three out of four plants that I grew on have turned out to be purple peppers. which are cropping quite lightly and taste rather bitter raw (although they look pretty). Just goes to show, it’s definitely worth taking the time to choose a particular cultivar! Sara x

    • I have to say, I was very pleased with them, although I have no idea which variety is which (doh! no labels….muppet) but I will simply sow the same next year. The boys eat loads of raw pepper and as F is so fussy with his vegetable eating, I like to feed him as many as I can 🙂

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