Blackberry Jam…

If there’s a prize for inconsistent blogging, then surely it’s mine!  I wrote the below post back in August while we were on our holidays, I had planned to add the recipe but never actually got around to it – sorry 🙂  As an update, any further blackberries (and there have been 2 more picking batches) have been cleaned and frozen for use in pies over Winter.

We are on our holidays at the moment, visiting all my family in Yorkshire, but before we came here I had a mad panic to use up as much of the garden as I could (I’ve put everything outside and I’m hoping some things will survive, with the help of some rain and if needed a very generous neighbour).

Quite a few Blackberries were ready from the thornless blackberry planted a couple of years ago, so I decided to make them into Blackberry and Apple jam as per the recipe in this months Country Living.

I altered the recipe a bit (as you do) by changing the amounts and used jam with added pectin so I didn’t have to boil all the life out of it.

I was careful with the washing, I have lost a lot of my squeamish ways over the years, but there would have been a lot of added protein had I not picked them over well.

So, another few jars to add to the Winter store and I imagine they will make great jam tarts for the boys.

I am quite excited about the next stage of the garden, it will soon be time to get the Winter crops on the go and pull up a lot of the Summer ones, I rather like this moment in the same way I enjoy changing my wardrobe back to woolens and tweed.  Lets hope a few vegetables have survived so we can enjoy what’s left of the Summer crops.


3 thoughts on “Blackberry Jam…

  1. Lovely pictures – blackberries are quite beautiful! And make excellent jam – I tried my hand at it for the first time a week or so ago, and was really pleased with the results. Today we popped back to our crab apple foraging grounds, and collected a load of sloes (much smaller this year), blackberries and fat juicy elderberries, which went to my mother in law. More jam making for me hopefully this week! Your thornless bushes look to crop really well – and I guess your arms and hands were much less prickled than mine today, although I think it was the blackthorns that really did the damage. 🙂 S x

    • I read that cultivated blackberries aren’t a patch on wild for flavour but I netted them so we did do really well with the crop this year (and the birds always beat me to wild brambles). I’m jealous of your foraging, we have sick kids (again 😦 ) so we haven’t been on many walks recently and are missing Kents hedgerow finds. Oh well, I planted our own crab apple last year so we might get a few from that. Bx

      • Sorry that your kids have been poorly. Hope that everyone’s better soon, and maybe you will manage to bundle everyone up and find a few late hedgerows yet… Growing your own crab apples sounds wonderful. I’d be really tempted, still trying to cram in all the eating apples that we want first. Oh for a big garden. And an orchard… *sigh*. Sara x

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