Autumn planting…

Still behind in getting my posts published, but better late than never:)

Written a few weeks ago:

For the first time in a while, I spent most of yesterday afternoon working in the garden; it’s a little later than it should be for the Autumn planting but as we are lucky with the weather here in the South and we are still due some sun I figured it was now or never.

I’ve decided to make use the large buckets that I grew my squash in, they have been topped up with fresh soil and lots of added feed and seed has been sown for:

Spring Onions ‘North Holland Blood Red’

Spinach ‘Bordeaux’

Carrots ‘Sytan’

Turnip ‘Blanc De Croissy’

In the raised beds I have started:

Radish ‘Sparkler’ & ‘Cherry Bell’

Chard ‘White Silver’

Pak Choi ‘Joi Choi’

and finally a bed of mixed salad leaves (I simply scattered a few of each variety that are Winter hardy).

Everything can easily be cloched if needed , for some of the above, it’s already quite late to be planting them and there are others that should really have gone in during August such as Kohl Rabi, which I may still attempt.  I also have to decide whether to replace the Kale with new plants as the existing has been growing throughout Summer.  For now though, I need to try to get everything tidied and put away and I will concentrate on making sure all the above are kept watered and given the best chance to germinate.

By the way, the garden has lots of bright flowers at the moment, although they are getting a little scrappy there is still plenty to pick for a quick posy for the kitchen.

3 thoughts on “Autumn planting…

  1. Hi, where did you purchase your Blanc de Croissy seed? I first saw it in Sarah Raven’s Vegetable Book but she does not stock that seed any more and I cannot find it anywhere on the net. Can you help

    • Hi Andy,

      It would have been from Sarah Raven, I no doubt also saw it as a suggestion in her book and a lot of my early seed buying was from her site.

      Really sorry I can’t help!

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