Squash and Pumpkin, the conclusion 2010…

To recap, I planted the following squash at the end of March, indoors:

  • Turk’s Turban
  • Butternut Harrier F1
  • Sweet Dumpling
  • Buttercup
  • Crown Prince
  • Gem/Rolet
  • Mariana di Chioggia
  • Dill’s Atlantic Giant

I remember having difficulty getting some of the seeds to germinate, only to find many did after I had given up and tossed the soil into the raised beds, so I grew quite a few mystery seeds in place of some of the planned list.

And so, this is what we ended up with.  Not quite as impressive as 2009, but not awful by any means.

From left to right we have:

Crown Prince x 3

(back row)

Buttercup x 1

Dills Atlantic ‘no so’ Giant x 1 (room for much improvement here)

Mariana di Chioggia x 1 (where are the warts? I was promised warts!)

Middle Row

Turk’s Turban x 2

Rolet/Gem x 3 – pathetic,  last year we had about 20 from the one plant.

They have been drying for some weeks in the greehouse and have now come indoors to decorate the hallway and wait to be eaten.  Last year they stored amazingly well this way so I look forward to many squash ‘pizza‘ and maybe a cake or two.

I have to say my favourite is the Turks Turban, I love it’s colours and it looks very pretty decorating the hallway and it’s much improved on last years comedy mini squash 😉


3 thoughts on “Squash and Pumpkin, the conclusion 2010…

  1. Hi Beth, Wow what a selection of pumpkins and squash! I love those Turks Turbans particularly – may have to try them next year! Your giant is certainly that… Lovely colourful harvest. Sara x

  2. Yeah – look at me. I made it over to your gardening blog.

    I seem to have gone pumpkin mad – I went onto Ravelry yesterday and found a whole shed-load of cute pumpkin hats, toys and teacosies I could be knitting. (I wanted a witches hat pattern too, but it seems my crocheting skills need to be honed first).

    I’m loving your squash & pumpkin harvest – the Turks Turbans are my absolute favourite :0)

    I’m relying on your green fingers and this little blog to be supplying me with loads of gardening tips when my green space materializes.

    Right, I’m off to finish packing my holiday bag. I can’t seem to sit still I’m that excited (I probably won’t sleep tonight). We’re only off to Padstow, but a holiday is a holiday and we haven’t been for 2 years.

    Jill x

    • Hello again! I LOVE pumpkins and squash, wish I could knit, keep meaning to learn, even have wool and a super easy pattern but never get the time 😦 I agree on the Turks Turban, I am going to grow more next year as they look great in the house (and taste good) and will happily sit in our hallway for moths and still be edible. Enjoy your holidays, Padstow absolutely counts! after all, we went to Yorkshire for out jollies this year. Bethx

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