Waking up…

I feel like I’ve been in hibernation and have just woken up.  We had a lovely Christmas and it was made extra special by having both my mother and brother down (he left the farm for a couple of days which is always very difficult for him to do).  The Christmas meal was a success, we were lucky that the booked Ocado delivery arrived between snow and ice (for the past 2 years it has been cancelled at the last minute).  The only obvious mistakes were a slightly thick gravy and despite reading every possible recipe for Goose and cooking times a slightly overcooked Goose.  The legs were perfect but the breast a little over, the timings printed on the goose said  3 hrs but in fact it was taken out after 2, it still tasted delicious which I think is the bonus of Goose over Turkey as once that’s overcooked there’s not a lot to save.

I made a few presents to give this year the above was for my sister, she has moved to a new house with the most amazing garden, I imagine her swanning around like lady of the Manor picking roses.  For those who normally read my other blog, I usually make work with my own designs but this is from the fabulous book ‘Home Sweet Sewn‘ by Alice Butcher & Ginny Farquhar.

I also received some wonderful gifts including new cookery books and gadgets  (the scissors are the multi-bladed, kitchen craft herb scissors, I have yet to try them but they look fun).  The Donna Hay ‘Seasons’ book is great, lots of good simple recipes with wonderfully styled photos, I am looking forward to trying out many of them, my mouth was watering just glancing through.

I’ve also been on-line bargain shopping and stopped off at the Jme sale after the success of crackers bought last year, this time I treated myself to some fancy loose tea amongst other things.

The Ingrid beaker is by Donna Wilson (non-sale) and the teapot is the Stump Teapot by ForLife which I bought here, also both new.  I am one of those typical people who feel the need to clean up my act in the New Year so I’m trying to drink plenty of herbal tea instead of the dreaded (but addictive) diet coke.  I love fresh mint tea from the garden in the summer and this pot with it’s built in infuser is the perfect size.

We have woken to perfect weather today, overnight we had torrential rain and it was much needed to wash the grit and dirt off the roads and for once the car looks quite clean!  We lost a couple of tiles off the roof with the wind but it’s now quite bright and sunny, the first blue skies we’ve seen for a while.  It makes me want to clean and tidy and write lists but for now, I’m going to make apple pie and a pumpkin and mushroom quiche (from this month’s Country Living magazine) to use up some of the fridge food then spend the afternoon playing at Playmobil school with C who keeps leaving little still life set-ups around the house (the above arrived in the middle of the kitchen floor as I was writing this post).  I’ve plenty to write about my new planting lists and seeds but I’ll save that for another post.

Oh, yes, wishing you all a Happy New Year! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Waking up…

  1. hello mrs linen cat… just popped over here from your tweet, as a veg grower too was intrigued by garlic and spuds…
    and see you made the birdy apron… not sure if you realise as i am often incognita but i am am the ginny that designed it… you have done a wonderful job.. hope your sister loved it and it inspires her to do some spring cleaning! off to read your garlic post now,
    hope you are having a good day, i am tackling my tax return.
    p.s. have you done the costume yet?

    ginny x

    • Hi Ginny, I didn’t know – small world – love that book. I very rarely buy them (sewing or craft books) but it’s such a good one, great projects and designs, my sister loved the apron 🙂 Lucky me, they don’t want a tax return this year, not sure how I got out of that one but I certainly wont complain. As for the costume, yep, in the end I went for it and made a ‘proper’ doublet/jerkin and some more stylised hose, F (5) is upset that the doublet has a ‘skirt’ attached to it – lol! Even said I’d do a friends costume for her daughter as she can’t sew at all. Thanks for dropping by. Bethx

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