April vegetable planting lists…

We’ve had a glorious start to the Easter Holidays and have spent most of the time so far in the garden.  The timing couldn’t have been better as F started with Chicken Pox last Thursday and being able to send him outside to play (when he has been well enough) has taken the strain out of housebound kids.

As C was in full health, I went to his end of term concert on the Friday and we took a bunch of Narcissi from the cutting patch along with a chocolate Lindt bunny for his Key Worker.  These Narcissi are among the first flowers to appear in the garden and as well as a line grown for cut flowers I have many scattered across the garden, both under the trees and in the beds; they are the ‘Geranium’ variety and I love them, they also smell fantastic!  I spent quite a lot of money on bulbs when we first moved here and I’m pleased I did, the tulips are opening at the moment to provide some colour and they will then be replaced with the Alliums.  Although I haven’t added any extra bulbs for a couple of years, I plan to put more in next September now I know exactly where the gaps in my planting are.

The greenhouse is starting to look busy and in addition to the already planted and germinating Tomatoes, Aubergines, Peppers and Chillies (which were moved out of the house once the nights warmed up) I have added:

Cucumbers ‘Burpless Tasty Green’ & ‘Diva’

3 of each in larger pots, although the Diva are showing no signs of germinating at the moment

Sweetcorn ‘Sweet Nugget’

16 altogether, again in decent sized pots so the roots wont be disturbed when transplanting them.  I’ve bravely only planted 1 kernel per pot, I’ll plant more if they don’t germinate as ideally I need a grid of at least 4 x 4 for the wind pollination that they need to ame sure we get cobs full of kernels.

Melons ‘Edonis

These were so good last year, I’ve planted 3 pots for hopefully 2 melons per plant.

Courgettes ‘Soliel’ & ‘Defender’

2 pots of each (2 seeds per pot so one can be thrown away of they both germinate)

Pak Choi ‘Joi Choi

1 pot with a few seeds for transplanting out later.

I have quite a few herbs to plant up but for now I’ve started with Lemon Grass I’ll get around the rest later…maybe.  I’ve also planted a gutter with Peas ‘Sugar Snap’ in a grid of three lines planted 5 cm apart in rows 5 cm apart.  These will go out as soon as they get going but after the mice are tempted to remove them!

Finally, I’ve planted up a large seed tray of mixed lettuce, Mizuna, Mustard and Rocket, these will be moved outside as seedlings in a few weeks and in order to stop them being munched immediately I’ve ordered the first batch of slug nematodes.  I’d rather get rid of the little critters before they even get going and then repeat every few weeks until we are out of this mild wet weather.


4 thoughts on “April vegetable planting lists…

  1. Excellent – it’s so exciting as the first seeds get underway. We’re growing Cucumber ‘Burpless Tasty Green’ too – we grew another last year along side it, but the fruits of that one tasted so much better that we’re just growing that this year. And for courgettes, we grew Defender F1 last year and they performed so well that I’ve sown the same again this year (along with a yellow summer squash). Sadly, snails/slubs got a lot of our seedlings in the greenhouse one night so we have organic pellets down and more sowing to do. Most of the sweetcorn was eaten, and I may have one surviving Defender… My peppers are really slow to germinate this year.
    I love the excitement of the new plants appearing at this time of year!
    Your narcissi are beautiful, I love the colours – and look forward to lots of tulip pics to come! We only have a single pot of tulips this year while in our “holding pattern” – think I will have a busy autumn planting bulbs all over the garden for next year!
    Sara x

  2. Oh no, how depressing. I once lost pretty much everything to a late frost as I’d been a bit too eager and started early, it’s partly why I’ve got later and later (last year I had to do lots of frost protection at the last minute). We’re not having much luck with the peppers either, only 2 have germinated so far and the aubergines are the same.

    I’m a big fan of Burpless Tasty and Defender, as with you, these have always grown well for me and tasted excellent, I don’t see the point in changing, I’d rather just grow something new along side.

    I went a bit overboard with tulips in the early years, they are quite expensive to buy so I do think it’s worth planning what goes where. Still, four years on we still get good blooms and being so mild I never lift the bulbs afterwards (far too lazy for that!).


    • Ha, it’s so easy to hit the wrong reply button, I often do that on mine!
      We still only have one aubergine germinated, but the sweet peppers have finally appeared in the greenhouse this weekend – at least three so far *whew*.
      Since I’m the only one in our house that likes courgettes, I’ve promised to have less than three plants this year (the freezer is still quite full!) 😉 so think I will just grow on the one current plant, with a summer squash ‘yellow scallop’ for a bit of a change too. May have to sow another Defender though, just in case something happens to the one we have! Ah, it’s so hard to balance the amount you sow vs the amount you want to grow!
      Sara x

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