April Flowers and more Planting Lists…

I have been a bit useless at making time to photograph the Spring flowers this year, the orange ‘Ballerina’ tulips and ‘China Pinks’ in the borders are getting past their best and are about o be replaced by the Alliums.  I also haven’t been bringing many flowers into the house, to be honest, nearly two weeks into half term it’s all a bit of a mess around here so decorating with flowers hasn’t been high on my list.

I did take the time yesterday to cut some lilac from our overgrown boundary (one of the many lovely trees we inherited from the previous owner) and I mixed it with some dark purple parrot tulips from the cutting patch, shamefully I realised when writing this post that I have no idea what the variety is called, oh well, they look very pretty together.

I do like a nice dark tulip, I also grow ‘Jan Reus’ in my boarders and a line of the same in the cutting patch.  I plan to move all my cutting patch bulbs into one border after they have flowered this year (and have been given time to recover), although it was a good plan in theory to plant them deep between rows where I intended to put vegetables,  I find the leaves get in the way as they cause a shadow over any seedlings I’m trying to grow.

We (me and the boys) have also planted up a few new things.  I’ve put horseradish roots into one of the large containers I normally plant squash in, I figure it’ll be easier to find when it comes time to dig it up for eating.  We’ve also put in some carrots, again in a large container and one that I’d put ‘Sytan’ seeds in last September that did diddly-squat.  On a closer inspection (I was planting ‘Early Nantes’ seeds) I noticed some of those September sown seeds are finally germinating which I wasn’t expecting so we just threw a few extra in for luck.  Growing in the tall containers saves me worrying about carrot root fly as they can’t fly above 60 cm, at least that’s the theory and it worked well last year.

That’s all for now, I need to get all my final plants sown over the coming week so I’m hoping for a little cooler weather as it’s quite difficult in this heat, I’m more inclined to want to sit around drinking Pimms 🙂

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