Planting out the tomatoes…

Oh I’ve been a very busy bee in the garden, taking advantage of this beautiful weather and forgetting that it could all stop in an instant and plunge us back into chilly nights and a possible frost.  I do hope not as I’ve been lulled into moving out lots of the greenhouse plants, starting with the tomatoes.

I normally plant these in cheap green buckets with holes drilled in the bottom, as above,  but this year I’ve decided to use the apple crates that I normally plant salad leaves in.  I’m a bit miffed actually as after emptying and re-lining (with plastic) the vintage crates I can see clearly that the woodworm has pretty much eaten away all the lower wood.  I wrote about this ages ago as I was quite cross just how bad the woodworm was when the crates arrived, I really do feel it should have been mentioned in the description, they will be going on the fire at the end of this season.

The new plan-a-box crates have also proved a disappointment, they are tacked and not screwed together so fell apart the first year as they warped in the weather, I’ve screwed them back together for now but again, not ideal.

The plants have been popped in John Innes No 2 or 3 quite deep, up to the seed leaves (which I nipped off) so they will form roots along this newly buried stem, really they should have been potted on at least once into bigger pots first but I am simply too lazy and am happy to take the risk the plants might get a bit stressed trying to fill out their new space.  They also will need staking and their side shoots pinched out as they grow (the jaunty stem growing at an angle between the main stalk and the side stems).  Once they flower I will feed them once a week and keep tying them in to stop them falling over.  I will also pinch out the growing tips once there are about 6 trusses of flower.

For now I have planted out:


Sungold x 2

San Marzone x 2

Tigerella x 4

Ildi x 4

I still have the Brandywine x 3 in the greenhouse and I think these will go in the usual buckets and mostly be grown inside.  The main reason for my moving everything else outdoors is simply so I can water it all with a single sprinkler when we go away, I intend to set a timer this year and keep my fingers crossed.  On which note, still no rain, it has been weeks and weeks since there was even a small dribble of the wet stuff here and the large trees on the border are looking a bit pathetic.  Much as I’m loving this sun, I really would like some rain soon.  Please.

We are due a cold night tonight so I will be sure to cloche everything and hope I haven’t been premature with my outside move! 


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