June Eating and Container Planting…

We’ve just returned from a trip to Germany and I’m relieved to find the vegetable garden survived quite well.  Apparently it was very dry whilst we were away but I was expecting that and this year I have planted everything (including the melons and beef tomatoes) outdoors.  It seems to be working quite well, the tomatoes would be a lot further along if they were indoors but the massive advantage of being able to put a single sprinkler on a timer (I had to, as sadly there is no-one to come and water for me) and know that it pretty much reaches all the important crops makes it worth while.  The rest of the garden is not looking it’s best, due to general lack of water and I’m slightly worried we’ve lost one the huge pines on the border but time will tell.

The garden in general is a bit messy, as you can see, I covered the fruit bushes in enviromesh in rather a hurry to stop the birds from stripping them.  The fruit netting was already in use on the beds to stop the cats from using them as a litter tray and the birds are quite quick around here and will often take the redcurrants and such whilst they are still very green.

I’ve spent today removing any weeds, dead heading roses, and generally having a tidy up.  The garlic is just about ready to pull up, it’s looking rather impressive this year despite a late planting, I think giving it the best raised bed has really improved the crop in general and it looks like we’ll get some huge cloves.  I’ve also cleaned and washed down the empty greenhouse in anticipation of drying the garlic in there for the first few weeks.

We are eating quite a bit from the garden at the moment:

Radish ‘Sparkler’ & ‘Cherry Bell’

Spring Onion ‘North Holland Blood Red’


Courgettes ‘Defender’ & ‘Soleil’

Strawberries Alpine

Pak Choi

Herbs ‘Parcel’, ‘Savory’ & ‘Thyme’

Rhubarb (although it’s past it’s best)

As for the growing crops, I’m quite excited about the potatoes which are looking great, I’m just waiting for them to flower and the broad beans are also about ready.  Sadly, the squash and pumpkins aren’t really taking off, I’m sure they’ll be fine but they are a bit slow to get going.

Planting in the huge containers that I normally put my squash in is also working really well, I’ve finally got around to writing up the crop lists in my book, I normally plan every aspect of the vegetable patch in here during the Winter months and this is the first time I’ve been so loose with my plans and I’m rather enjoying it.  I’m sure that because of this I’m not going to be making the absolute most of successional planting and I am definitely missing some things (like chard and kale) but it feels a lot more relaxed and that’s working for me right now 🙂


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