Garlic Harvesting 2011…

I have been keeping an eye on the garlic as the cloves are nice and big and it’s been odd weather this year with so much early sun and now quite a bit of rain, but as I am in no hurry for the bed, I was planning to wait until the leaves start to turn yellow and the stalks bend before pulling them up.  That was until I glanced at them a few moments ago and noticed that a couple of the stems weren’t looking very happy, on closer inspection their cloves were moulding away in the damp soils so in a hasty digging session I’ve pulled everything that’s large enough up and laid them out in the empty (phew, thank goodness for that) greenhouse to dry.

The rain that was due came early and I was only dressed for picking blackberries in sunshine so now I smell like a wet sheep (due to my very damp wool jumper) but I’m happy that I only lost 2 cloves to mould and the rest are looking good, if a little bit muddy.

I’m going to leave them for now as they are nicely spread out and well ventilated but with the wet weather set to continue I might bring them indoors in a couple of days (after the soil has dried off a bit more and I can shake some more off, I don’t want to over handle them today)  and dry them in front of our glass ‘wall’ inside.  I’m a little concerned the damp air in the greenhouse might make matters worse.

To get an idea of scale they are

this big.  The best ever so I’m very pleased.


One thought on “Garlic Harvesting 2011…

  1. Ooh, we picked a head to use as green garlic a few weeks’ ago, and it certainly wasn’t anywhere near as big as yours. We’re just using the scapes at the minute, and although the leaves are just starting to yellow I don’t feel convinced that ours are ready to harvest yet, so I’ll probably leave them for another couple of weeks before I take the plunge…
    Your garlic looks fantastic.
    Sara x

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