July Eating…

Oh this is the bit I enjoy the best, popping into the garden with the boys and picking things to eat together.

I was home alone with the boys last weekend and decided to cook a roast lunch.  This is something I’d like to do every weekend, I was brought up with a roast lunch on Sundays and have very fond memories of this family event.  It was a highlight when returning home as a student and even now, when we are back visiting I still really look forward to Sunday lunch together.  I’d love my boys to grow up with a similar memories, especially as like many modern families we don’t spend a lot of time eating together during the week.

I decided to try broad beans from the garden on the boys, we were having roast beef (their choice) and I opted for the old fashioned broad beans in parsley sauce as an introduction for F (6) as he generally isn’t all that keen in any vegetable other than carrots.   This combination really does remind me of home and my childhood and along with cauliflower cheese, and braised celery often appeared on our table.  C (4) was very taken but sadly F refused to even try them.  Shame.

One thing F does eat well are new potatoes so today we have grubbed our first ones out of one the large bags.  These are the Anya variety planted early this year.  We simply pulled the loose soil away from the top of the bag and gently removed enough tubers for one meal, without damaging the plant stems, then we returned the soil to keep the other undisturbed potatoes snug for another day.  We are going to eat them boiled and buttered with some mint from the garden and I am sooooo looking forward to it.

I wanted to include a quick photo here of the Inca Bella flowers, I wasn’t expecting anything different from the usual white potato flowers but I am pleasantly surprised by these lovely purple and yellow blooms.

As it’s such a lovely sunny day we are going to have poached salmon, with the Anya potatoes and a nice salad to include, from the garden;  courgettes, broad beans, peas (raw), mint and feta cheese.  The peas are from the Sugar Snaps that I have let get slightly too big, although at the rate the boys are eating them raw they may not make it to the salad.  In fact this is another minor miracle moment as F hates peas with a passion but has just been converted to raw ones, this along with last years eating corn-on-the-cob, even though he wont touch the tinned variety, do make it all worth while 🙂


6 thoughts on “July Eating…

    • I agree, in fact I’ve ordered some regular peas to grow next as we’ve mostly eaten these out of the pod (ie not as sugar snaps as they were grown for). I have to admit that is mainly because I’ve been a bit bad and have let them get too big for eating in the pod- tut, tut 🙂

  1. Lovely harvests – and great that you have found at least one fan for the broad beans so far, and those fresh peas.
    I’m loving our purple podded peas this year too – even more exciting opening the deep purple pods to reveal the fresh green peas inside.
    Do your boys eat courgettes? My husband is not a fan at all, I tried every recipe imaginable last summer and couldn’t win him over, not even with the cakes (though he ate them of course).

    • I really like the idea of purple podded peas, I can imagine they would go down very well with the boys. Courgettes are a bit hit and miss, I tend to hide them in sauces but the boys will eat them fried in butter (sadly too many calories for me) or BBQ’d along with other vegetables. I am the main courgette eater around here 🙂

    • Thanks, it’s so nice to finally get to eat all the things we’ve been growing for weeks. Thanks for dropping by and commenting 🙂

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