Merry Christmas…

For those who read my other blog, you’ll know that there has been a certain amount of illness and broken bones around here, hence my complete lack of blogging recently.  In fact there hasn’t been an awful lot of anything being done to be honest, mostly just survival and getting through the last few weeks of school where things need to be provided nearly every day for the various events (secret santa, food for class party, nativity costumes etc).

The garden has been abandoned mid Autumn with nothing cloched or cut back and the garden furniture is still out in the elements as are many of the boys outdoor toys.  I did finally put the poor hyacinth bulbs into water, having abandoned finding my existing hyacinth vases, I hunted out anything that might allow a bulb to sit on top and filled them with water, as it’s mainly a mix of old cut glass vessels (I have many small vases, glasses and jars etc) they actually look quite nice and festive.

I have packed up some of the jams and jellies produced over the year as gifts.  The medlar jelly started in the last post worked out really well.  I was a bit squeamish cutting into the bletted fruit, it essentially squished in half rather than cut as it was so soft but I tried to ignore this as best I could.  The final jelly is a beautiful clear amber colour and it has a lovely taste so was well worth my getting over the ‘rotted’ idea.  The crab apple jelly also tastes great but I was sad the lovely pink colour at the straining stage mostly went when it was boiled down.

Also from my cupboard I am giving some of the cassis made back in June along with local sparkling wine from Meopham Valley Wines.  The wine is really great, they have a stall at the local Farmers Market and I think it’s a nice gift to give, they do a lovely pink fizz that I am especially partial to.

In mid illness we did find the energy to buy a local tree from our favourite garden shop just down the road, they are super friendly and it’s where I go for my soil.  I find it difficult to resist a real tree, I love the smell and as we have wooden boards the dropped needles aren’t such a problem. It is a ‘non-drop’ and has had it’s scab cut off the bottom (along with about a further inch) and it sitting in a large bucket of water which I am attempting to keep topped up.

Finally, to celebrate being well and to keep the boys busy and happy we have made some gingerbread today.  I would never win any awards for my biscuits and we didn’t have any dark sugar so they are a little pale but they still work and they boys enjoyed themselves.

Wishing you all a very merry and ideally relaxed Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…

    • Oh thank you, really glad you’re enjoying reading it! I have been a bad blogger (tut, tut) recently but plan to get back on track in coming weeks. I see you also write a blog, I’ll be popping over for a read when I have my coffee break later. Beth 🙂

  1. Hi, I have been admiring the jam pots that you used to package your Christmas goodies above – they look like a good size for gifts. Would you be able to let me know where you got these are and what size they are?

    • Hi, the jam jars are by Kitchen Craft and are 230g (8oz) size. You can buy them all over the place, including Amazon, I think I bought mine in bulk on-line but I’m afraid can’t remember which shop. Hope that helps. Beth 🙂

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