February Planting Lists…

My seed boxes organised by the month - one of my best buys!

We are heading to the end of half term and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag, starting with a lovely break in the Yorkshire Dales visiting family but turning to the usual scenario of ill children on our return.  I say usual as it appears half of blog world is in the same boat, I swear colds, small children and holidays are somehow linked….that or we’re just unlucky.  Still, as there has been quite a lot of sitting on sofas and mopping of brows it has provided a perfect opportunity to get my sowing lists organised for the next couple of months, as always I’m kicking off with tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and chillies.

Here’s what I’m planning to start germinating over the next week:


Sungold x 2

Brandywine x 3

San Marzone x 3

Tigerella x 2

Ildi x 2


Turkish Orange x 3

Aubergine Slim Jim x 3

Sweet Pepper

Topepo Rosso x 3

Jumbo Sweet F1 Hybrid x 3   – This is a new variety for me

Worldbeater x 3


Hot Stuff x 3

Long Red Slim Cayenne x 6 – Again another new variety, it is supposedly great for drying

All the above will be started in small pots in the kitchen (where we have 2 walls of glass, so it’s the lightest room in the house) mostly with only a couple of seeds per pot, then covered in a plastic bag until a few green shoots appear.  Following on from last year, I don’t plant anything in large quantities, we just don’t have the space and I really only want to grow what we can eat fresh with a bit for use in pickles etc.  Because of this, I try not to sow many extra seeds, only what I hope to grow to the final vegetable as I am really bad at throwing away seedlings and in the past have found myself with a glut of produce as a result, there is nothing worse than growing tired of something you have taken the time to grow and even worse allowing it to rot away, without being picked.

I’m itching to get outside and give the garden a good tidy, the recent snow has made a mess of the grass and as I never found time to cut back all the dead foliage in the borders they do look dreadful.  Sadly I have sewing commitments that are taking up a lot of my time (I’m stitching felt flowers as above at the moment) but I do hope to get my hands a little bit dirty next week, I know it sounds mean but roll on the boys being back to school.

Since writing this post (and waiting to get the photos up and publish it) I found myself back- reading February blog posts from 2011 and 2010, I found it really useful remembering what I was up to and I also realise that I pretty much repeat my growing pattern every year….it must be working 😉

4 thoughts on “February Planting Lists…

  1. I like your organised seed boxes, much better than my shoe boxes! We sowed our first tomatoes and chilli last week too, on a windowsill. I must start the aubergine and sweet peppers soon too.

    • The seed box was a birthday present some years ago from my Mum, didn’t she do well! 😉 I just felt like getting some seeds in, I appear to have found my gardening mojo again this year and I’m a bit keen to get going. I just hope we don’t have a cold spell as plants always go lanky if left indoors too long. Bx

  2. One of the most pleasant things to do on earth is to organize seed boxes and make lists for the coming season. (sort of like counting chickens before the eggs hatch). Your seed box is lovely !

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