It’s a hit..!

We’ve just eaten Sunday lunch, for which I cooked Delia Smith’s Bangers Braised in Cider and to follow Steamed Treacle Sponge  and I was most excited to find that M and the boys declared the Crab Apple Jelly I made back in November a success.  

I am relieved, otherwise I did have a lot of jelly to eat all on my own, especially as there is also the Apple & Mint and Apple & Thyme versions to get through.  At this point I should say (as I forgot last time) that I used this original jelly recipe to make the Crab Apple Jelly only omitting the herbs.  My only making notes were that on first straining I didn’t get a lot of juice from the apples and despite being soft the skins didn’t all break to release their juice.  I think it might be because I didn’t cut them in half before simmering but they were so small, like little cherries, plus rock hard and I didn’t bother.  To fix this, instead of squashing the straining bag contents and causing the jelly to go cloudy I re-boiled the mush with some more water until completely broken down and then strained again.

Despite loosing it’s pretty pinkness in the setting stage, it’s still a lovely colour.


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