Shallots 2012…

Just before we went away the shallot sets arrived and I was quick to get them into the garden.  As always, I ordered Longer variety from Thompson & Morgan back in autumn.  They were supposed to arrive by the end of February and I’ve been phoning T&M weekly since asking where they are (to which they always replied that they were on their way), I think there was a supply problem, and it’s not the first time, but I do wish they’d just email to say.

Shallots are one thing I will always make room for in the garden, they are expensive to buy from the supermarket and they store extremely well with no effort on my part.  The above were rescued from the greenhouse early this year where they had simply been left on the benches.  I had brought loads inside already, plaited them up and hung them in the kitchen, I was amazed these ones were also in such good condition having spent much of winter neglected.

They have been planted in rows about 15cm apart (with 2ocm between the rows) in various spots throughout the raised beds, with just their tops poking out.  I love the way you plant a single bulb and a short while later it splits giving you a little group of new bulbs.  I do wonder about simply keeping some of my own bulbs back for growing the next year, I had a little read around on the internet and found some gardeners do, do this, the big problem seems to be that they are obviously not heat-treated against disease but as I’ve never had any Allium diseases (yet!) I might try this next year, save my weekly calls to Thompson & Morgan 😉


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