Squash 2012…

I planted this list of squash seeds back in April:

  • Dill’s Atlantic Giant
  • Marina di Chioggia
  • Crown Prince
  • Turk’s Turban
  • Queensland Blue
  • Gem/Rolet
  • Hooligan
  • Sweet Dumpling

As happens every year, only a couple germinated and I got bored with waiting for the rest.  Some of the seed is quite old, so I assumed, as with quite a few things this year, that they wouldn’t come to anything and I planted other crops (like tomatoes) in my giant containers that I usually reserves for squash and courgettes.

Then, weeks later,  they nearly all germinated.  How annoying.

So, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting everything out of the greenhouse and planted outside and that includes the squash, I’ve put a couple in each of the garlic beds as I figure these will be ready early this year (they are growing very well, I think the early rain followed by lots of sun is their kind of weather).  I’ve squeezed a few in other places, often right at the edges of the raised beds as all my beds are directly on top of soil so the roots will happily run underneath the paths and I can fit more in the actual bed.  I hope.  I’ve pretty much lost track of which squash is planted where, the boys keep pulling up my labels…grrrrr….but I figure they all need treating the same, lots of feed and water and hopefully we’ll have good squash crops this year and not a repeat of last year’s pathetic attempts.


7 thoughts on “Squash 2012…

    • Well spotted, they are shallots, I’ve got them all over my raised beds in any spot I could find as I accidentally got a double order this year. They are just about to split, my favourite bit, I love watching the bulbs emerge from a single one. I haven’t bought shallots for 3 years now! Bx

  1. Glad that you will have squash though! All our varieties germinated early except the butternuts which didn’t do a thing. About a month later, we sowed more and still nothing. Then, suddenly, all the butternuts germinated together. Most peculiar!
    We’ve just harvested our hardneck garlic, and they’re the best-looking crop we’ve had (with the rusty-foliage removed, that is), definitely another interesting year…

    • Glad it’s not just me! I find it amazing just how long a pumpkin/squash seed will sit in soil before germinating, it surprises me every year – you’d think I’d have learnt by now 😉 I once read you could file (with a nail file) down the edges of the seed to make them germinate faster….seems a bit of a chore but might have a go next year.

      Great news on your garlic, I’ve only got softneck this year, they are looking rather splendid at the moment, could do with a few more weeks but I’m worried about all this rain, might lift them early just to avoid rot. Bx

  2. I just noticed you’re doing Dill’s Atlantic Giant? Good luck with it, I never had a courage to actually allocate a plot of land for it even though i have had the packet of seeds sitting in my drawer for years 🙂

    • Snap! I’ve also had the seed packet for years, in fact I was really surprised that it germinated. We’ll see what happens, could be interesting. Bx

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