June Eating 2012…

In-between sunshine and showers I dashed out into the garden today to feed the tomatoes with Tamorite and the potatoes, courgettes, squash & cucumbers with watered-in blood, fish & bone.

The boys joined me and started looking for things to eat, we are WAY behind schedule here, apart from rhubarb this is our first munching from the garden this year.  The boys ate lots of raw peas and alpine strawberries direct from the plants and we picked some radish and cucumber to try.

The peas are a minor miracle for us as F hates cooked peas, he wont eat them at all but last year we discovered that he loves raw peas.  Sadly, my pea plants have never really taken off, so I have a mix of sugar snap, petit pois and some random mange tout variety picked up from the local B&Q that were on offer once.  All got badly munched by early slugs but some have survived and are giving the boys a sweet little crunchy green treat.  I’m a bit sad not to have enough to actually cook a big bowl full, but we should have enough to add a few raw to salads as the plants continue to grow.

The cucumbers have decided to survive after a very rocky start.  I planted the seeds indoors in early spring, they germinated but became very lanky very quickly so I moved them into the greenhouse and planted more seed as backup.  I now have 7 plants growing in various stages of distress, not look entirely happy but they are producing fruit.  The varieties this year are:

  • Burpless Tasty Green
  • Tiffany F1 Hybrid
  • Cucino

The above shot contains one of the Cucino fruit, these are small mini cucumbers, perfect for C to munch on (our resident cucumber addict).  I appreciate the above photo makes our first produce look a bit pathetic, but let me reassure you that’s because we’d eaten a lot of it before I thought to take a photo.

I’m off to search out new cucumber recipes, as we’ll have at least one a day to eat from now on, if the weather continues as it is 🙂


4 thoughts on “June Eating 2012…

  1. Hi Beth, the veg looks great. I’ve got quite a few mangetout, that have been battered -more so by the wind, but they have come back really strong. Have you given F a few frozen peas to try? My children do eat cooked but they like frozen ones too.

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