What gardening blog…?

I know, I’ve totally dropped the ball on both the blog and the garden itself.  School summer holidays are upon us, the Olympics are on, the weather can’t make its mind up and I feel distracted.

Mornings looks like this.  This is my youngest eating from the LAST JAR of homemade strawberry jam (his favourite) and watching 3D Olympics.  Must make more jam before the strawberries are all gone.

This turned up in the greenhouse – what is it!?  I’ve never seen anything so big….is it a Queen Bee, because it is nearly 4cm long, I don’t think you get the feel of its scale from the photo.  Thank goodness I didn’t come across it alive, that would have scared me!

I decided to give the last redcurrants to the birds today.  I feel bad, they are a lovely crop and they look so beautiful and jewel like hanging delicately from their branches, but I have so much jelly left from last year and I just don’t have time to deal with them before we go away on holiday.  Oh well.  On which note, we’re off to Yorkshire for a while, I hope the garden survives as the crops are so late we haven’t really enjoyed eating the produce yet.  Fingers crossed 🙂



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