Squash results 2012…

This post feels like a continuation of the last one, in both colours and theme, we are still very much in Autumn mode around here, despite the recent drop in temperature.

We all walked up to the farmers market today, via the local wood.  I often feel disappointed by woods around here, I have a preference for old woods with mixed trees and in this area of Kent, they are nearly all coppiced.  I felt like this view was very unfair today as we had a lovely walk, my oldest (7) even said, “Mummy, I hadn’t realised how magical the woods look in Autumn”, which nearly blew me away for a boy who is usually more interested in plastic toys than nature.  Obviously, I must be wearing them down 😉

The plus side of our local wood is that it is almost entirely made up of sweet chestnuts, it’s impossible to walk without stepping on them and the boys love packing their pockets full to bring back for our ‘nature’ window ledge – see, I AM wearing them down!

I have put a little time into the garden this week.  I felt there was one last mow to go, but it’s been too wet and is now leaf strewn, so the grass will be left in peace until next Spring.  I have planted all the new bulbs into my small side border and as mentioned on earlier posts, rabbit proofed it.  This involves a pretty unglamorous wire ‘fence’ being held in place with canes, it looks fairy ugly but it’s a small price to pay to stop the rabbits from eating any foliage that comes early next Spring.  Come Winter, they will eat everything in site and once they get going they don’t stop.

Although I’ve pulled up most stray seedlings in the vegetable patch, some get to stay.  I find that the herb Parcel self-seeds into every crack it can find, to a degree that’s really quite annoying, but I also know that its fabulous celery + parsley taste is invaluable for stews and stocks so I just leave it be and cut it back when needed for the pot.

I found time to clear out the greenhouse and bring all the squash indoors, they are now sitting decoratively on our long bay windowsill, looking rather lovely.

Back in April I planted:

  • Dill’s Atlantic Giant
  • Marina di Chioggia
  • Crown Prince
  • Turk’s Turban
  • Queensland Blue
  • Gem/Rolet
  • Hooligan
  • Sweet Dumpling

I completely lost track of what was what so just planted everything out, some were munched early by the huge amount of slugs we had this year, but I did manage to grow:

  • Dill’s Atlantic Giant x 1 – more of a ‘mini’ than giant, sadly
  • Marina di Chioggia x 1 – not nearly as warty looking as I was hoping
  • Crown Prince/Queensland Blue x 3 – and really big ones, total winner here!
  • Turk’s Turban x 4 – again, a really good size and by far my favourite squash
  • Gem/Rolet – None 😦
  • Hooligan x 5 – these are super cute mini stripped squash and will be on next year’s list
  • Sweet Dumpling – None 😦

Not a bad haul really, especially considering how erratic the weather has been this last year.  I am determined to cook some really nice recipes with them, and have been collecting any I find so I’ll let you know how I get along.

Right, whilst I remember, I’m off the empty the boys’ coat pockets of sweet chestnuts 🙂

4 thoughts on “Squash results 2012…

  1. I really envy your woodland walks Beth, it looks really wonderful the things you can find in the forest and to get out and about…your lucky to live near woods 🙂 I love the colours of your squash too, they would be wonderful to paint and draw with all the details and warty bits! Have a lovely Halloween and enjoy the break with your boys 🙂 Safxxx

  2. Not a bad haul for this year at all. Our Marina di Chioggias have always been disappointingly non-warty too, though their lovely glossy green skin is rather fine still. We don’t seem to have any Turk’s Turban this year, though I thought I sowed some – and the butternut squash was a complete no-show. Crown Prince always seem to come through, and I love their flavour too.
    Sara x

  3. Your wire fence looks very neat! Will you top the canes with protectors? I say it because I’ve done the classic poking my eye with a cane. I couldn’t walk the streets with hubby, as it looked like a black eye!

    • I do have cane toppers so perhaps I should!! I’m a pro at the quick temporary fence building, after ALL my vegetables got munched in 2 days the first year I grew things at this house, I actually cried, I was so upset (and I’d been growing them for months and they were just ready to eat). Luckily, over the years we’ve learnt to live with the rabbits, I just let them eat some of the garden these days, ideally the grass 😉 Bethx

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