I’m Alive..!

Just a little blogging break there then.  I fear I start many of my posts this way, apologising for my irregular updates, but to be honest we’ve been busy, then ill (norovirus, cold, flu, cold and now cold number 3!) and there is some family ‘stuff’ that will be taking up a lot of my time so I can’t even promise that I’ll be back to regular blogging in the future, but I do intend to try.  For now, I thought I’d get started by showing you some of the recent food and kitchen purchases.


So, the illness in the run up to Christmas resulted in rather a lot of ‘cheating’ and for the first time ever, I bought mince pies, Christmas pudding and cake, and some rather nice Swedish ginger snaps (in the red tin).


The cake is from Bettys, which I’ve talked about before.  Bettys is a small chain of Cafes in Yorkshire, famous for its traditional style of food and service.  I bought a tinned “Vintage Port” fruit cake.  No-one but me eats fruit cake here really, last year I made one and didn’t ‘feed’ it with alcohol, as I normally would (my husband and the kids – obviously – don’t drink) and the result was a rather dry cake that no-one ate anyway so I figured I’d just please myself this time around.  I am eating a slice whilst I write this post and I can say it is delicious and worth the (rather high) price tag.DSC_0075

More British food.  As part of my stocking filler, my husband bought me some fabulous chocolate, the lime and sea salt is especially nice, I do like a good, dark, fancy chocolate bar.

I took advantage of the sales and bought this lovely platter made by ISAK.  I have a bit of a thing about Scandi design and have been hankering after this for a while, perfect for serving festive treats on, I think.DSC_0083 I also couldn’t resist these egg cups, from my favourite Scandi company – Hus and Hem – partly because we had similar ones when we were children.  They are Bordfolk (“Table People” in Danish) egg cups, which apparently “adorned many a breakfast table in the 1960’s and 70’s.  After many years out of production, Scandinavian company Lucie Kaas, has reintroduced and updated these Danish classics”.  The boys got one each in their stockings and the red one is for me.  M doesn’t eat boiled eggs.

DSC_0077I had quite a few books on my ‘wish list’ and was lucky to get this collection from Hope & Greenwood.  I do like their sweets and chocolates, yet another fabulous vintage style British company.  The books are full of great recipes and, as expected, are very funny to read.  One of the first ever blogs I got hooked on was the H&G one, the naughty innuendoes make me laugh so much, it’s like a Carry On film mixed with chocolate.

I need to get back to nursing the family now, I do hope to be a better garden/kitchen blogger in 2013, pending us finally having a moment when everyone is well at the same time….perhaps I should have put a nurses outfit on my Christmas list 😉